The Many Crucial Roles of Vacuum Chambers

For more than 30 years we have served as experts in a much wider range of the vacuum spectrum, from moderate vacuum for industrial processes to extremely high vacuum (XHV) […]

Join us at the 2019 SVC TECHCON April 30th to May 1st

The SVC TechCon is an international conference, attracting thousands of industry professionals, engineers, academics, and scientists from around the world. The TechCon is the largest exhibit dedicated to Vacuum Coating […]

CHESS – Beamline Cross Chamber

Major beamline upgrades are happening at the Cornell High Energy Synchrotron Source – CHESS. CHESS-U is a three-year, $15M upgrade project that will dramatically extend CHESS’s capabilities for cutting-edge innovative […]

High Vacuum Viewport Shutter

We offer multiple versions of high vacuum viewport shutter. These viewports are designed for coating systems, where the expense of a UHV viewport is cost prohibitive, and the physical size […]