Join us at the 2019 SVC TECHCON April 30th to May 1st

The SVC TechCon is an international conference, attracting thousands of industry professionals, engineers, academics, and scientists from around the world. The TechCon is the largest exhibit dedicated to Vacuum Coating Technologies featuring 150+ exhibitors. Please visit Booth #214 to meet with The Applied Vacuum Division of Anderson Dahlens team of engineers and discuss all of […]

NIST and the Applied Vacuum Division of Anderson Dahlen Complete CRADA for the Study of XHV-Capable Chamber Materials

After extensive collaboration efforts, the Applied Vacuum Division of Anderson Dahlen has completed a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with NIST to study the effectiveness of various material and pre-fabrication processing techniques for achieving extremely low Hydrogen outgassing rates in vacuum chambers. The requirement for extreme-high vacuum (XHV) systems is increasingly common in advanced […]

Bunch Lengthening System Cryostat for Advanced Photon Source Upgrade

The Contract Award In September of 2017, the Applied Vacuum Division of Anderson Dahlen was awarded a design-to-specification contract for the Bunch Lengthening System (BLS) Cryostat vacuum vessel, lid, gate valve enclosures, 80K thermal radiation shield, magnetic shielding, and 4K liquid helium reservoir. The completed assembly would have dimensions of approximately 7W X 5H X […]

CHESS – Beamline Cross Chamber

Major beamline upgrades are happening at the Cornell High Energy Synchrotron Source – CHESS. CHESS-U is a three-year, $15M upgrade project that will dramatically extend CHESSs capabilities for cutting-edge innovative science and technology. Eleven experimental stations have been commissioned to provide 3600 hours per year of x-ray operations. As part of this upgrade to the […]

High Vacuum Viewport Shutter

We offer multiple versions of high vacuum viewport shutter. These viewports are designed for coating systems, where the expense of a UHV viewport is cost prohibitive, and the physical size of the UHV rotary feedthrough is too cumbersome. These shutters offer the advantage of a short length to maximize viewing angle into the coating chamber, […]

Does your vacuum process chamber require integrated cooling?

Vacuum systems often involve processes with significant heat output, requiring chambers with integrated cooling options. Applications with thermal management issues include: Vacuum Deposition (CVD, MOCVD, PVD and IBAD), Crystal Growth/Pulling, Space Simulation, and Vacuum Furnaces. Double Wall Chamber Double wall chamber designs are best for applications with very high heat loads. Separating chamber walls with […]

Anderson Dahlen Applied Vacuum Division Collaborates With Argonne National Laboratory For The Design-and-build Of A Helical Superconducting Undulator Cryostat

The Advanced Photon Source (APS) at the U.S. Department of Energys Argonne National Laboratory provides ultra-bright, high-energy, storage ring-generated x-ray beams for research in almost all scientific disciplines. An important part of the facility consists of undulators that are used to maximize key x-ray beam qualities vital to frontier experimentation. Undulators are magnetic devices that […]

Custom Vacuum Chamber Used in Atomic Layer Deposition Research at University of Colorado’s S.M. George Research Group

Anderson Dahlen partners to develop an oversized vacuum chamber for researching the fabrication, design and properties of ultrathin films and nanostructures Miniaturization to the nanometer scale has been one of the most important trends in science and technology over the past decade. The chemistry to fabricate nanolayers, the engineering for nanocomposite design and the physics […]

Custom flange for University of Washington’s nuclear fusion research program

University of Washington researchers are working towards a sustainable and controlled fusion reaction with funding from the DOE to improve on their HIT-SI3 prototype. With growing climate and population concerns across the globe, researchers and the DOE are increasing efforts to discover new ways to produce cleaner and more efficient energy. The DOE has awarded […]