Custom, Sanitary Conveyor Solves Space Constraint

A private-label food manufacturer approached Anderson Dahlen for a piece of custom food processing equipment. The customer’s process required lowering the product eight feet, but with an extremely tight footprint, there was not a commercially available unit. The unique food product prevented the use of a steep decline conveyor and required our customer to find a unique solution.

Anderson Dahlen worked with the customer on the detailed requirements, engineered the piece of custom equipment, sourced all the parts, and manufactured the unit. Our custom, spiral lowerator allowed the product to decline almost eight feet in a space of fewer than ten feet. Teh unit dimensions are 100 inches x 100 inches x 13 feet. One of the unique challenges was finding a belt that could be used with a particularly small inner diameter with a circular rotation.

By partnering with Anderson Dahlen, the food maker was able to solve this novel problem with a custom-designed one-off food processing machine. In addition, the stainless steel construction and unique sanitary belt design allowed for safe processing and easy clean-up.