1″ Food Grade Hose Assembly

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1″ Food Grade Hose Assembly

Please use the configurator to build your custom hose assembly: Select the first hose fitting, type of hose & desired length in INCHES, select the second hose fitting.

(note not all hose styles available in all sizes, parts cannot be purchased individually)

FDF Dry Food Transfer Hose

This suction and discharge hose, with its anti-static tube and conductive cover is excellent for wet or dry abrasive materials, like sugar or powdered milk. Its designed to be extremely flexible and is suited for extreme environments. Download FDF Dry Food Transfer Hose Spec Sheet

FGF Full Vacuum Hose

Designed to handle a wide variety of liquid products, including oily edibles. The white nitritle tube will not impart taste or odor to the liquids be transferred. This hose is rated at full vacuum as well as a constant 150 psi working pressure on all sizes. The distinct, deep corrugations permit a tighter bend radius. Download FGF Full Vacuum Hose Spec Sheet


An economical alternative for fluoropolymer lined hose. With a low friction cover its a significant addition to our chemical hose line. It handles the majority of common industrial chemicals in pressure, gravity and suction applications. FPE is crush and kink resistant, and durable for challenging applications. Download FPE UHMW-PE S&D Hose Spec Sheet

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