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SPX Flow offers a wide range of homogenizer designs for sanitary applications. Homogenizers are widely used in the dairy, food and beverage, healthcare and cosmetics, chemical, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. They can be tuned suit your exact application for:

  • Smoother mouth feel
  • High gloss finishes
  • Particle size control for smoother, finer emulsions
  • Improved stability to reduce needs for additives
  • Improved water binding
  • Enhanced color properties
  • Uniform emulsions
  • Creams and lotions that are easier to apply

Anderson Dahlen, as an SPXFLOW Distributor, has an expert understanding of the homogenization process, working with custom-designed APV Rannie and Gaulin homogenizers to deliver improved product quality, highly stable products and reduced costs with lower additives.

As an SPXFLOW Distributor, such, we inventory a wide range of authentic OEM parts for homogenizers. We maintain the inventory to minimize your down time and insure you receive the exactly correct part every time. Minimizing your down time is a driving factor in how we treat each customer. Let us be your SPX Flow homogenizer spare parts partner.

OEM Parts are critical to maintaining your warranty with SPX flow and in sustaining the reliability most processing companies require to sustain profitability. If your homogenizers are critical to your success, using only SPX Flow OEM parts is essential. For processes that are in challenging conditions, avoid premature failure of non-original parts. We can ship spare parts anywhere in the word on short notice. If you need on-site spare parts inventory, we can minimize what you have to inventory but depending on us to stock the higher priced, less used parts for rapid shipment when you need them.

We want to help you find the right parts for your SPX Flow homogenizers, design new systems using homogenizers, or do repairs for you on larger jobs. Our expertise as a SPX Flow distributor gives us the training and technical information access to make your job easy.

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