Food Processing – Material Handling Basics

For safe, hygienic, FDA-approved food handling equipment and services, its critical that your organization works with a partner following the leading industry guidelines. The FDA updates their food handling guidelines regularly and working with a local specialist can ensure that your organization adheres to the standards required for safe, professional handling work. In our latest post, well look at the common types of food handling equipment supporting high safety levels across the industry.

Custom Industrial Screw Conveyors

The leading market screw conveyors are designed to simplify the process of moving viscous fluids in a sanitary fashion while reducing maintenance costs and downtime. Its critical that the screw conveyors are designed to work seamlessly alongside existing food processing equipment.

What to Look for in a Solution:

Make sure when choosing a specialist that your screw conveyors can be customized to your needs, including the number and type of inlets\outlets, screw type, central tube width and viewports. And ensure that all materials and connectors used are FDA-approved and designed to make cleaning easy as well.

Belt Conveyors

Belt conveyors are perhaps the most commonly used conveyor style within food handling applications. They can be installed almost anywhere across the plant, for applications such as transporting raw materials into silos for storage, transporting raw materials out of storage and into production, and moving packaged products into shipping.

What to Look for in a Solution:

Try to find a partner that provides belt conveyors of virtually any size or configuration, and products that are ideal for moving materials between levels or along the shop floor.The company should also be able to offer products that are designed for easy access to the belt and bearings to simplify both maintenance and cleanup, including built-in spray bars, as desired.

Custom Pump Feeders or Delumpers

Custom pump feeders are designed to move product with a high viscosity level, which otherwise become lodged in traditional pumps.

What to Look for in a Solution:

When choosing custom pump feeders, its important the companys engineers work with yours to fully understand your needs and build products to match. This is critical in ensuring productive performance over the long-term. The leading custom stainless-steel food conveyance equipment on the market includes high-quality pump feeders, built to spec, as well as delumpers designed to smooth materials without damaging them.

End-To-End Custom Systems

If your operation only needs a single component replaced or upgraded, Anderson Dahlen is happy to help. We can also assist in creating full end-to-end solutions, including full automation systems, completely custom-crafted by our expert engineers. Our experience with the food industry, reasonable prices, and extremely high build quality means a food processing plant run on Anderson Dahlen equipment will deliver superior returns and high-quality control.

Anderson Dahlen is here to provide the food processing and conveyance systems your operation needs. Contact us today to consult with our engineers.

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