Custom Stainless Steel Industrial Platforms

Our custom industrial platforms are typically produced with stainless steel to meet high sanitary standards. Every platform is designed to meet critical sanitary standards, such as no crevices or flat surfaces, which prevents product contamination from bacteria and foreign substances. 

Pairing our wide variety of equipment options with a custom platform allows you to expand your platform use. Some optional configurations include:

  • Adding conveyor or production lines – increase your production rate while reducing the total space required by adding an additional conveyor system. 
  • Modify the platform – add or change components on your current platform to improve the performance and increase sanitary standards within your operation.
  • Operating panels attached to the platforml.
  • Tubeless frames that meet high sanitary standards.

We Take Sanitation Seriously

We handle all the manufacturing in our facility to ensure the highest level of quality available. Being a certified in-house welding manufacturer, our team meets the most stringent compliance standards. A few notable features include:

  • No flat surfaces on the system
  • Use of Chemgrates decking, which is made of a hard plastic that provides a slip-proof surface, reducing the risk of worker injury. 
  • Customize the platform to ensure proper drainage.
  • We can help decide which material options are best for your project, especially if corrosion is an issue.
  • Optimum materials and custom finishing – we know the ideal materials for your handrails and frame, and you can choose the finish options (industrial epoxy, powder coats, galvanized steel finishes)