Fully Customizable, Easy-to-Clean Screw Conveyors

Anderson Dahlen EZ-Access Screw Conveyors offer speed, safety, reliability, and ease of use. Designed for today’s food processors, they feature a sanitary screw feeder with easy-open doors that are dust-tight, and upper and lower doors that swing out of the way for easy access for sanitation. They are available in a range of auger, shaft, and flighting configurations to meet your requirements to move bulky solids, powders, or viscous slurries.

Versatile Industry Leading Screw Conveyors

Each of the standard screw conveyor systems have customizable elements:

  • Screw lengths and diameters
  • Interior finish
  • Screw-type selection
  • Exterior finish
  • Inlet
  • Outlet
  • Relief door
  • Motor
  • Shaft seal
  • End plate
  • Easy access door locations

Sanitary Screw Feeder Includes Customized Conveying Solutions