Metal Finishing on Stainless Steel Sanitary Systems

Metal Finishing on Stainless Steel Sanitary Systems

Anderson Dahlen delivers a high level of finishing for your stainless steel processing equipment, which is required in the food and pharmaceutical industries. Producing these high-quality finishes with repeatability can be a challenge for some fabrication companies, but not for us!

For sanitary processing equipment, we ensure the finish meets specifications from federal, state, and local agencies. We can help determine if a better-than-regulation finish will save you time and money by reducing your cleaning time and minimizing the expensive recall possibility created by product contamination.

Typical Stainless Steel Finishes

Stainless Steel Chemical Finishes

We produce stainless steel components in an extremely wide range of finishing specifications. Our customers are continuously impressed with the high quality of our finished products. We can meet any surface finishing requirements with speed, and repeatability, and be cost-effective.

Bead Blasted

Bead material such as glass or ceramic is used produce a textured surface with a soft satin appearance and low-reflectivity. Bead size can determine the finish appearance and corrosion resistance. Ra greater than 45 can be achieved. Typically used in structural applications and would not meet sanitary food processing finish requirements.


This removes excess iron from stainless steel surfaces. Usually and acid-based solution is employed. No metal is actually removed and this has very little impact on the Ra value of the surface.

Pickle Passivation

In this process, the part is soaked in a bath with pickling solution, typically nitric-hydroflouric acid. Metal contamination can be removed as well as removing any scales remaining from heat treating. This can be used for slight improvements in Ra value as well.


This electro-chemical process that does a controlled removal of surface material. An acid bath and DC current are used in parallel produce a mirror like finish. In some cases, up to a 50% improvement in surface finish Ra can be achieved.

Equipment Information


  • (1) Pal Industries 96.00in table, 6.00in wide belt

  • (1) Pal Industries 120.00in table, 6.00in wide belt

  • (1) Pal Industries 144.00in table, 6.00in wide belt


  • (1) Arrow 10hp, 2:spindle


  • (2) Time Saver 20.00in x 16.00in opening


  • (1) Empire Abrasive booth, 36.00in x48.00in

  • (1) Enviro Systems booth, 168.00in W x 240.00in L x 240.00in H


  • (1) Edge deburring 7 gauge capacity


  • (2) Quincy 50hp screw-type w/dryer