CNC Machining for Critical Components

We can be your one-stop shop for large projects that require parts to be fabricated from plate, welded and then machined prior to assembly

Our large capability for CNC Machining sets us apart from the competition. We often work on parts that need to be welded then machined then welded again to complete the part. The ability to do this all in one shop greatly reduces the time it takes to complete the part and eliminates the need for the part to be shipped back and forth to subcontractors.


Get Extensive CNC Machining Capability by Partnering with Anderson Dahlen

Precise Large Complex Component Machining

At Anderson Dahlen, our wide range of CNC machines, engineering expertise, and CAD software design capability makes sure you get exactly the part you need the first time with minimum waste and within your specified tolerances. This allows for very large components of complex shapes to be created easily in a timely manner to meet your schedule.

Experts in Stainless Steel CNC Machining

CNC machining can be used to manufacture products from a variety of materials, but stainless steel is particularly unforgiving. Our years of stainless steel fabrication (link to ss fab page) makes us uniquely qualified to manufacture one large custom complex part or hundreds of OEM parts.

Experienced Workforce

The technology built into todays CNC machines has led to workforce reductions and changes in workforce skills. Most of our workforce has been with us for over 15 years and are well experienced to maximize machine uptime and monitor for the high quality that Anderson Dahlen demands.


Anderson Dahlen CNC Machining capabilities offer the following advantages

  • CNC machines can be used continuously 247 if needed to support your rush project or for manufacturing hundreds of OEM parts
  • Our CNC machines can be programmed so that every manufactured product will be exactly the same for high quality and interchangeability of parts
  • By utilizing state of the art maintenance procedures and always keeping our CNC machines updated with software and hardware, our capabilities are never out of date
  • Training for our CNC machine operators is robust
  • Anderson Dahlens modern design software allows our engineers to often go directly from design to production, skipping the prototype stage needed by many companies
  • Our constant investment in modern CNC machines and overall manufacturing facility upgrades means you get the best possible value for your CNC machined parts

We have a full-service machine shop with several unique capabilities

long bed lathe

We have one of the largest CNC lathes in the upper Midwest. It was installed in 2012 and it gives us the ability to turn with precision parts that are up to 315.50? long and 51.0? in diameter. The machine features live tooling on the turret so we can drill and tap holes as well as mill slots.

Horizontal Milling Capabilities

Our horizontal milling capabilities stand out as well. We have three machines with the largest being able to handle parts that are up to:







We also have the only vertical turning lathe in Minnesota with live tooling. This gives us the flexibility to turn and mill using the same set-up on large rings and flanges. This is definitely a competitive advantage when turning large parts that require milling.


CNC Machining You Can Trust

Anderson Dahlen can deliver high quality CNC machined prodect for your most demanding specification.


CNC Product & Machine Gallery

CNC Machines by Model

  • Toshiba MPJ-2650 Bridge Mill. X = 240, Y = 102, Z = 88, Spindle speed: 10,000 RPM high speed shape-forming machine. Optimized for high speed and high rigidity.
  • (1) Haas VF-950, 30hp X = 84.00? Y = 40.00? Z = 30.00? 4,000 lbs Table Load 50 Taper, geared head, through spindle coolant, probe
  • (1) Haas VF-850, 30 HP machine travels X=64 Y= 40 Z= 30, 4000 lbs table load,50 taper geared head, thru spindle coolant, probe
  • (1) Haas VF-7,20hp X = 84.00? Y = 32.00? Z = 30.00? 4,000 lbs Table Load 50 Taper, geared head, through spindle coolant, probe
  • (1) Haas VF-6,30hp X = 64.00? Y = 32.00? Z = 30.00? 4,000 lbs Table Load 50 Taper geared head, through spindle coolant, probe
  • (1) Haas VF-4, 20 hp X = 50.00? Y = 20.00? Z = 20.00? 3,500 lbs Table Load 40 Taper, through spindle coolant, probe
  • (1) Haas TM-2, 7.5hp X = 40.00? Y = 16.00? Z = 16.00? 1,000 lbs Table Load
  • (2) Mazak VTC-300C vertical machining center,?for machining extremely long and heavy workpieces.
  • (2) Fryer MB-16 CNC X = 60.00? Y = 25.00? Z = 24.00? 1,950lbs Table Load 40 Taper, through spindle coolant
  • (2) Bridgeport EZ Trac 2-Axis Vertical CNC Mill X = 30.00?, Y = 12.00?, Z = 16.00?
  • (1) Toshiba BP-150 R35 Horizontal Boring Mill with Rotary Table, through spindle coolant Probe, Right angle head, Machine Travels X = 236? Y = 138? Z = 87? W = 27.5?, Table Load 50,000 lbs
  • (1) Toshiba BP-130.R22 Horizontal Boring Mill with Rotary Table, through spindle coolant Probe X = 160.00? Y = 100.00? Z = 60.00? W = 28.00? Table Load 44,000 lbs
  • (1) Toshiba BTH-110.R18, H-Cube Horizontal Boring Mill with Rotary Table, through spindle coolant Probe X = 100.00? Y = 80.00? Z = 60.00? W = 20.00? Table Load 22,000 lbs
  • (1) Toshiba BTD-200QHS Horizontal Boring Mill with Rotary Table, through spindle coolant, Renishaw Probe, Machine travels X = 70.8?, Y = 55.1?, Z = 27.60?, W = 15.70?, Table Load 8,800 lbs
  • (1) Toshiba BTD-200QF Horizontal Boring Mill with Rotary Table, through spindle coolant Probe X = 59.10? Y = 47.20? Z = 27.60? W = 15.70? Table Load 6,600 lbs
  • (1) Toshiba BTD-200QH Horizontal Boring Mill with Rotary Table, through spindle coolant Probe, Machine Travels X = 59.10? Y = 47.20? Z = 27.60? W = 15.70? Table Load 6,600lbs
  • (1) Mori Seiki NL3000Y/1250_M720BM, Y axis, Live tooling, 16.9? maximum turning diameter, 49.6? between centers, 4.1? spindle bore
  • (1) Mori Seiki ZL-153 SMC CNC Turning center, 7 axis, Twin 12 position turrets with live tooling, live chuck tailstock, high pressure coolant, Bar feeder. 2.5 dia. Capacity
  • (1) Mori Seiki NLX-2500 MC/700 Bar feeder. 3.1 dia. Capacity
  • (1) Mori Seiki NLX-2000 SY/700 CNC Turning center, 7 axis, 12 position turrets with live tooling, live chuck tailstock, high-pressure coolant, Bar feeder. 2.5 dia. Capacity
  • (1) Mori Seiki NL2500SY/700, Y axis, Live tooling 14.4? turning dia. X 28? turning length
  • (1) Mori Seiki SL403CMC/2000, Live tooling 25.5? turning dia. X 91.5? between centers 7.3? spindle bore
  • (1) Takang FA50N x 8150 CNC Lathe, Live tooling, 51.0? swing over bed, 33.50? over cross-slide 315.50? turning length 9.00in spindle bore
  • (1) Toshiba TUE-150S CNC Vertical Boring & Turning Mill with Live tooling Max Diameter = 78.74? Max Height = 61.02? Max Swing = 78.74? Table Load 17,600lbs
  • (1) Toshiba TUE-15 High Column CNC Vertical Boring & Turning Lathe Max Diameter = 70.80? Max Height = 82.70? Max Swing = 71.00? Table Load 17,600lbs

Our Machining capabilities combined with our fabrication capabilities set Anderson Dahlen apart

Anderson Dahlen has been a premier manufacturer of the Midwest for decades. Our quality materials with our advanced machining processes have given our customers confidence in our ability to fabricate and deliver projects. An important differentiator for our company is our assortment of machines. Anderson Dahlen contains almost 20 CNC horizontal and vertical mills. Our vertical mills have a variety of dimensions, getting as large as X=84, Y=40, and Z=30 allowing us to cut a variety of different shapes and depths. With a 50 taper, large coolant tanks, 2-speed geared head, max torque of 340 ft-lb at 700 rpm, and other important features, our vertical mills can complete your project in an efficient manner while meeting your companys own standards. Our horizontal mills allow us to cut metals faster and multiple grooves at once. Our horizontal mills can cut up to sizes of X= 236, Y=138, and Z=87 with a table load of 50,000 lbs. Fast traverse rates with high-speed axis feed make our real idle time reduced significantly for better productivity that brings costs down for you.

fabrication capabilities

Our horizontal mills can cut up to sizes of X= 236, Y=138, and Z=87 with a table load of 50,000 lbs.

Anderson Dahlen completes as much of its projects with in-house manufacturing. Every project at Anderson Dahlen gets its own project manager to make sure your concerns and specifications of design are met. With our strong business relationships, we acquire quality material and deliver finished products at low prices in a timely manner. Along with that, weekly meetings with the project manager and their team ensure the project is going according to plan. Being in business for over 70 years has given our customers confidence in our ability to manage their projects. Having unparalleled craftsmanship, single source responsibility, total protection of your proprietary designs, and accountability will give you and your customers the highest satisfaction.



Document packages At the request of the customer, complete document packages can be delivered either electronically or in a moisture-proof jacket affixed to the shipping container. Document packages may contain but are not limited to Certificate of Conformances, MTRs, inspection reports, ASME documents, weld maps, Quality plans, and instruction manuals.


Working with some of the largest OEMs and companies from a wide range of industrys gives us the regulatory knowledge to get parts right the first time. From FDA and FDA Dairy to nuclear power restrictions, you get the finishes, documentation, and traceability your project requires.

support services

All the support services you need under one roof

Our project managers are dedicated to making sure your complex projects are completed on time and within budget with the quality expected from Anderson Dahlen. From engineering design support, powder coating & heat treatments, to packaging and delivery, were here to ensure your parts on exactly what you need, when you need them.

Compliance for Your Industry

Industry know-how and sophisticated documentation procedures ensure compliance with the most stringent quality requirements. With Anderson Dahlen, you know your stainless steel fabrication will be right the first time.

More on Compliance >>

Advanced In-House Engineering

8 degreed engineers and 11 CAD experts have the ability to save money and materials in making your parts manufacturable.

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Unmatched Quality & Testing

7 CWIs on staff combined with Portable FaroArm, CMM, & UT Inspections is just the beginning to our commitment to quality.

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