Upgraded Unloading System for Tomato Products

Food Service Specialties, based in Red Wing, MN, specializes in making custom tomato and dairy-based sauces. When it came time to upgrade their existing systems to meet production requirements, Food Service Specialities called on Anderson Dahlen and the Gray family of companies.

Food Service Specialities needed a way to fulfill the increasing orders from their downstream restaurant, frozen food, and retail grocer partners. The company was using a Graco 2-piston pump unloading system to assist in the process, but they couldn’t keep up with increased demand.

Anderson Dahlen installed two 4-piston pump bin evacuation systems with electronic PLCs. To further enhance the process, AD Process Equipment, a Gray company, installed an additional I/O panel to tie into the Graco BES control station. This allowed for reduced unloading times and seamless integration into the Clean-in-Place (CIP) system.

These new systems and improvements dramatically increased productivity. Food Service Specialities was able to cut evacuation time by more than half, meaning 2,900 pounds of tomato products could be loaded in less than 10 minutes, while doubling their daily production to 100,000 pounds.