Anderson Dahlen Joins the Fight Against MS with Bike MS

For us, the fight against multiple sclerosis is personal. Because our former President and current Chief Storytelling Officer Howard Gray has been living with MS for over thirty years, Anderson Dahlen Inc., a Gray company, and the Gray family have been longtime proponents in the fight against multiple sclerosis.Ânbsp; Ã‚nbsp; 

In 2015 Anderson Dahlenâ’‚¬’„¢s Scott Oâ’‚¬’„¢Connellâ’‚¬’„¢s wife Jessica was diagnosed with MS. This year, Scott is riding for Jessica as a virtual participant in the Bluegrass Bourbon Ride the weekend of June 25/26th.Ânbsp; 

Read on to learn more about our fight against MS, Howardâ’‚¬’„¢s Team, and how Anderson Dahlen is helping to mobilize people and resources to join the drive for a cure.Ânbsp; 

Howardâ’‚¬’„¢s Team and Bike MSÂnbsp; 

Howardâ’‚¬’„¢s Team was founded in 2008 in the name of former Gray President Howard Gray, who in his words, â’‚¬Å“Has MS. But MS doesnâ’‚¬’„¢t have me.â’‚¬nbsp;Ã‚nbsp; Ã‚nbsp; 

Thirty years ago, when Howard Gray was first diagnosed with MS, there was no cure or treatment for MS. But weâ’‚¬’„¢re in a much better place today than we were three decades ago. And we are convinced the progress weâ’‚¬’„¢ve made on MS is thanks in large part to the commitment weâ’‚¬’„¢ve made to mobilize people and raise the money for critical research and development of a cure.Ânbsp; Ã‚nbsp; 

When we first started Howardâ’‚¬’„¢s Team, our initial goal was to raise $100,000 in five years so that we could contribute to the fight against MS. We are both so proud and humbled by the fact that our goal has since been smashed, and weâ’‚¬’„¢re still going!Ânbsp; Ã‚nbsp; 

We have not yet found a cure for MS. But many believe it will soon be within our grasp, and we are going all-in with the fight against this disease. We truly believe that what our team has accomplished and will accomplish, together, we can stamp out MS.Ânbsp; 

Anderson Dahlenâ’‚¬’„¢s Scott Oâ’‚¬’„¢Connell Takes the Fight Against MS VirtualÂnbsp; 

In 2015, Scott Oâ’‚¬’„¢Connellâ’‚¬’„¢s wife, Jessica, was diagnosed with MS. Scott Oâ’‚¬’„¢Connell, with Anderson Dahlenâ’‚¬’„¢s Vacuum division, is leading a virtual fundraising drive from Massachusetts to support his wife in her fight. People like Scott help make Anderson Dahlen more than just a great place to work. We are a family, a tight and supportive community who help to lift each other up. We donâ’‚¬’„¢t just work together: We work to make life better together.Ânbsp; Ã‚nbsp; 

Anderson Dahlen is throwing our full support behind Scott and his fundraising drive against MS. This year, Scott is going the distance with his training and commitment in the hope he can raise as much money as possible to contribute to this great cause.Ânbsp; 

As you can see, Scott has set an ambitious goal for himself. But by raising awareness of the debilitating nature of MS and helping to bring light to the courage and tenacity of those fighting against this devastating and unpredictable disease, heâ’‚¬’„¢s doing his part to impact a noble cause.Ânbsp; 

For All of Gray and Anderson Dahlen: Thank You!Ânbsp; 

The money raised through Bike MS fuels cutting-edge MS research and critical services to ensure people affected by MS have the resources they need to live their best lives.Ânbsp; Ã‚nbsp; 

For all the Gray and Anderson Dahlen team that are helping our family in the fight against MS, thank you. Your dedication and contribution to this great cause are part of what makes Anderson Dahlen such a great company. We want to thank our team and family and wish them good luck for all their efforts in helping to conquer this terrible disease.Ânbsp; Ã‚nbsp; 

Together, we can do incredible things!Ânbsp; Ã‚nbsp; 

Click here to join Anderson Dahlenâ’‚¬’„¢s fight against MS

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