Project Example

Making Customer-Focused Project Management the Manufacturing Model of Tomorrow

Businesses are only as good as their people. At Anderson Dahlen, our project managers play a key role in our ongoing success. Every Anderson Dahlen project gets its own project manager to ensure customer concerns and design specifications are met. And our demonstrable track record from 70 years of precision manufacturing has given our customers […]

Supporting AP-Tech’s Need for Increased Capacity and Efficiency

Anderson Dahlen ( has earned a stellar reputation for our ability to design and build custom vessels, weldments, and integrated solutions for our customers. Our Design Engineers and Project Managers regularly utilize SolidWorks and Inventor software to model chambers and systems during the quoting phase to generate detailed and accurate proposals. Once a contract is […]

Precision components for UHV assembly

More than 90% of the products produced by Applied Vacuum Technology involve custom machining or critical welding. Our Engineers and Technicians are experts in both, and we are ready to help with your unique requirements. Custom Machining: The Applied Vacuum Division produced the chamber and components used to construct an Ion Transfer Stage, in which […]

AVT Custom UHV Design and Build Products Showcased

One of the great aspects of designing and manufacturing custom UHV products is working with Scientists and Engineers to solve basic UHV design challenges. Even simple solutions sometimes provide great value in the UHV environment! John Kestell was upgrading a spectroscopy instrument for his lab at BNL. He required a custom window mount for UHV […]

Ultracold Atom Research Using a UHV Chamber at Greiner Lab

“The behavior of ultracold atoms in optical lattices is similar to that of electrons in solids. Because of that, ultracold atoms can provide clean realizations of models from condensed matter which can be studied in a highly controlled environment.” – In 2009, Markus Greiner demonstrated a quantum gas microscope (in the UHV environment), where […]

UHV Chamber Precision Machining for Fusion Research Program

University of Washington researchers are working towards a sustainable and controlled fusion reaction with funding from the DOE to improve on their HIT-SI3 prototype. With growing climate and population concerns across the globe, researchers and the DOE are increasing efforts to discover new ways to produce cleaner and more efficient energy. The DOE has awarded […]

Seam Welding Process for Extended Length Custom Chambers

The Applied Vacuum Division commonly produces UHV chambers with extended lengths (to 96" or longer). Critical tolerances for ports along the length of the chamber can necessitate post-weld operations which add significant difficulty and cost to such chambers. Recently we qualified a process to build these assemblies by seam-welding 2 halves. Tolerances on weld ports, […]

The Applied Vacuum Division of Anderson Dahlen Delivers Multiple, Fully-Processed Chambers to National Energetics in Support of 10PW Laser System

Phase 1 Vacuum Chambers (VC1 and VC2) National Energetics, Inc. ( was founded in 2010 to leverage emerging laser technologies into next-generation ultra-intense laser systems. The Austin-based company designs and manufactures custom high power, Chirped Pulse Amplifier (CPA) lasers and Disc Amplifiers for research applications ranging from Terawatts (1012W) to Petawatts (1015W). As a result […]

Anderson Dahlen Builds Chambers for Stanford’s Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC)

The neutrinoless Enriched Xenon Observatory (nEXO) collaboration is designed to research deeply into the behavior of neutrinos, the lightest massive particles known to science. The project is funded by multiple organizations, such as the Department of Energy, Stanford University, and the National Science Foundation. Neutrinos are produced from nuclear fusion in stars and through radioactive […]

CHESS – Beamline Cross Chamber

Major beamline upgrades are happening at the Cornell High Energy Synchrotron Source – CHESS. CHESS-U is a three-year, $15M upgrade project that will dramatically extend CHESS’s capabilities for cutting-edge innovative science and technology. Eleven experimental stations have been commissioned to provide 3600 hours per year of x-ray operations. As part of this upgrade to the […]