Find Essential Components Fast in Our New eStore

We’ve got some big news for Anderson Dahlen customers: You can now source production line stock products and small components from today’s leading brands more quickly and at a great price through our new and improved eStore!

Our eStore is faster and easier to get your manufacturing process back online with one quick order, or quickly place an order to have on hand so you can be prepared the next time you need to change out a part! We want to highlight this exciting development in how we can meet our customers’ needs and how this can change production for our customers in the future!

Why Anderson Dahlen Built an E-Store

Anyone in the sanitary, industrial, and vacuum science industries can tell you how hard they work on their equipment. The quality and accuracy of their work depend on equipment that’s performing with good-as-new precision.

As with most industrial equipment, many small parts and components, elbows, gaskets, pumps, and tubes, create weak points in the equipment or receive the brunt of daily stresses and high-frequency use. As a result, they wear down the fastest and are always the first parts or components to either loosen or fail.

For years, Anderson Dahlen has been the trusted go-to manufacturer of heavy equipment for these industries. An added bonus is that Anderson Dahlen is well equipped to support after-market sales through the distribution portion of the business. Recognizing the challenging process that some may go through to replace small parts and components, Anderson Dahlen’s dedicated Distribution team not only has expertise in this equipment but also the needed infrastructure to provide a reliable solution to our valuable customers.

We built our eStore to extend the same level of excellence and dependability we’ve established over the years on a much smaller, faster scale.

What Our eStore Means for Our Customers

Now we can serve our customers on a whole new level and provide you with a convenient and efficient way to purchase the necessary parts.

The Anderson Dahlen eStore allows customers to quickly and easily find the specific parts they need, compare prices, and place orders anytime. This reduces the need to contact a manufacturer directly or visit a physical store (although we’re always ready to answer any questions!).

It shouldn’t have to be a big deal when small parts break down. We hope our new and improved eStore can help your business streamline its supply chain operations and get back online with a quick and dependable fix.

A Fast and Easy Source for the Most Widely Replaced Parts

The products we carry in our eStore are determined by the needs of our customers. We chose to stock the most commonly replaced small parts and components that may break down, including:

  • Gaskets and Seals
  • Spray Nozzles
  • Sanitary Pumps
  • Valves
  • Manways
  • Sanitary Hoses

After years of discussing the specialized needs of our customers, we predict some of the most heavily used (and therefore most frequently replaced) items will be:

Sanitary Pumps

So many moving parts! Sanitary pumps are critical to keeping liquids and materials safe for end-users. If your pump breaks down without a quick replacement, it has the potential of not just shutting down the flow of operations; it could spoil an entire batch of either food or pharmaceutical goods, costing far more than just replacing the part.

Sanitary Hoses

We frequently found one of our customers’ top needs was replacing highly specialized replacement hoses. So, we now keep hoses in stock that come in various diameters, lengths, and features and are fitted with equipment-specific tips or assembly ends for your unique equipment.

Small Parts: Spray Nozzles, Fittings, and Gaskets

It’s hard to imagine how such small parts can have such a significant impact on your business! We’ve stocked a variety of small parts so that you have a rapid solution when one breaks or wears down. Our goal is that your smallest problems stay small and are resolved immediately.

Anderson Dahlen Continues to Evolve

Informed by the needs of our customers, it is our goal to continually improve in ways that can save you time and money and provide the same level of expertise and service you’ve come to expect from Anderson Dahlen.

If we can help you find anything in our eStore, or if you have any questions about preventative maintenance or repairs to your equipment, contact us today!

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