Fluid Processing Engineered Skid Systems Fabricated, Assembled and Delivered Ready for Operation.

From modernization to expansion, you can count on Anderson Dahlen as your partner on improving your production line and manufacturing processing skid systems. Reduce maintenance cost, increase volume while reducing material waste and overall production cost.

engineered parts with materials traceability

A Completely Engineered Improved Skid System

From start to finish, you get a partner dedicated to reviewing and analyzing existing systems, processes, layouts, regulations and quality requirements in an effort to decrease your production costs.

Specifically looking for improvements in:

  • Production Output, Speed & Efficiency
  • Production Processes (chemical)
  • Product Quality & Consistency
  • Industry Compliance
  • Equipment Cost
  • Safety
  • Maintenance Costs
  • Materials Waste

Engineered Packaged Liquid Process Skidded System Features

  • Combine multiple pieces of processing equipment onto a common framework
  • Modular design allows for decreased installation cost
  • Complete with all interconnecting piping, valves, instruments and wiring
  • Control packages can be preprogrammed and shop tested
  • Electrical connections verified and tested in shop
  • Utility and CIP piping can be installed and tested in the shop
  • FAT Testing can be completed prior to shipment
  • Single field connection point for utility connections
engineered skid system
engineered skidded
liquid process system
packaged liquid process skid system

FATs With Craftsmanship, Unmatched Documentation, Compliance & Craftsmanship

A satisfied customer and dedication to engineering quality is our main goal when we start any project. Once completed you can ensure that it is held to our strict standards, meets any regulations and complex specifications your project may require.

From design build to fabricating to specs, customers can expect a final product fully assembled, tested and integrated ready for production. Factory Acceptance Tests are just one piece of the complete list of inspections, quality checks and verification we do to ensure high standards are met and a quality final product is delivered.

A Single, Complete Integrator To A Perfect Final Product

Engineering, project management, fabrication, manufacturing, welding, assembly, testing and installation make Anderson Dahlen your large scale ‘one-stop-shop’ for custom processing equipment.

A wide range of class leading equipment all housed in our state-of-the-art facility offers improved time to delivery and cost reductions. Removing 3rd party services, and controlling quality gets you a turnkey processing system ready for production.

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custom assemblies custom engineered

Industry & Specialized Materials Expertise

With over 200 welding procedures that are certified to the ASME or AWS welding codes using Aluminum, Carbon Steels, Stainless Steels, Nickel Alloys, Duplex Stainless steels, and other Dissimilar metals that are maintained by our seven CWI’s on staff, Anderson can handle your most complex projects.

Working with some of the largest OEMs and companies from a wide range of industries gives us the regulatory knowledge to get parts right the first time. From FDA and FDA Dairy to nuclear power restrictions, you get the finishes, documentation and traceability your project requires.

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engineered parts with materials traceability

Material Traceability Guaranteed

Anderson Dahlen does not purchase any raw materials without complete material markings including Original MTR’s in a digital format and in an atmospheric controlled environment. Heat numbers for all component parts are tracked throughout the fabrication process.

Complete Capabilities

Advanced In-House Engineering

8 degreed engineers and 11 CAD experts have the ability to save money and materials in making your parts manufacturable.

Unmatched Quality & Testing

7 CWIs on staff combined with Portable FaroArm, CMM, & UT Inspections is just the beginning to our committment to quality.

More on Quality & Certifications

Advanced Machining & Welding

State of the art facility with our new Toshiba BP-150.R35 says it all (236″ x 138″ x 87″ milling capabilities). Cut production costs and improve quality by keeping all capabilities under one roof.

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Anderson Dahlen is an ISO-9001:2015 certified company that custom manufactures advanced equipment & solutions to make organizations deliver better products, faster.