2CMP S-Line 90 Degree Clamp Elbows



S-Line 90 Degree Clamp Elbows


2CMP sanitary Tri-Clamp™, S-Line 90 degree clamp elbow fitting 304/316L Stainless Steel. 2CMP 90 degree elbow with #7 Finish meets 3-A sanitary standards and is used to connect two pipes or tubes at an angle, the fitting connects to tubing on both ends. 3-A sanitary standards Number 63-03 for sanitary fittings authorization number 621. Made of 304 Stainless Steel for resistance to corrosion and high temperature. Sanitary fittings are used in the food, beverage, biotech, pharmaceutical, and other sanitary process industries to transport fluids through pipe lines and are available in a range of materials, shapes, and sizes.

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