3″ PVC Hose Assembly


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3″ PVC Hose Assembly

Please use the configurator to build your custom hose assembly: Select the first hose fitting, type of hose & desired length in INCHES, select the second hose fitting.

(note not all hose styles available in all sizes, parts cannot be purchased individually)

PBT Braid Reinforced Tubing

A flexible clear tubing with multiple polyester braids provides dependable reinforcement for all suitable applications and is compliant with 3A, USDA and FDA standards.Download PBT Braid Reinforced Tubing Spec Sheet ››

PBW Suction/Transfer Hose

This hose combines polyester braids with steel wire of the PBT & PWT hoses to provide the benefits of both. Download FGF Full Vacuum Hose Spec Sheet ››

PCT Clear Non-reinforced Tubing

FDA PVC transparent tubing is a clear extrusion that is compliant with 3A, USDA and FDA standard. Download PCT Clear Non-reinforced Tubing Spec Sheet ››

PHC Suction/Transport Hose

Transparent extrusion, reinforced with clear helix rod is compliant with 3A, USDA and FDA standards. It provides extreme low temperature flexibility, ideal for use in milk hauling.Download PHC Suction/Transport Hose Spec Sheet ››

PHH Suction/Transport Hose

A clear hose, reinforced with white helix rod is compliant with 3A, USDA and FDA standards. Suited for in-plant environments, it’s low temperature flexibility is perfect for all liquid dairy or dry product transfers.Download PHH Suction/Transport Hose Spec Sheet ››

PWT Wire Reinforced Tubing

A heavy-duty hose with steel wire helix reinforcement, suitable for milk handling and food processing. It is compliant with 3A, USDA and FDA standards and provides high suction even in higher temperatures.Download PWT Wire Reinforced Tubing Spec Sheet ››

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