Alfa Laval LHK Centrifugal Pumps

The Alfa Laval LHK centrifugal pumps are specifically designed for the hygienic requirements of the food, dairy, beverage, and personal care industries. These pumps offer high efficiency and gentle product handling. Their robust design with tight tolerances and advanced impeller design gives them excellent efficiency. Many features, including an external seal, promote cleanability.

High Efficiency

A precision-engineered pump and motor provide high efficiency and gentle product treatment. The robust design and tight tolerances, together with the advanced impeller design, minimize recirculation and ensure efficient energy transfer.

Optimal Pump Design

The impeller design efficiently and gently handles the product as it moves through the pump, ensuring product integrity and minimizing NPSHr (Net Positive Suction Head required).

Low Energy Consumption

Making pump energy use more efficient presents huge potential for energy savings. Alfa Laval LKH centrifugal pumps’ optimized pump design and premium motor often deliver greater energy efficiency than similar premium pumps and up to 50% compared to similar mid-range pumps.

Cleanability and Hygienic Design

The key is the attention to detail. Controlled compression gaskets, crevice-free internals, an external mechanical seal, and an optimized impeller with balancing holes ensure the pump is truly cleaned during a time-effective CIP cycle. Perfectly aligned components and joints with O-rings tightened to a predefined compression minimize the contact surfaces of the elastomer product, which also safeguards hygiene.

External Shaft Seal is Hygienic and Serviceable

By positioning the shaft seal outside the pump, difficult-to-clean components do not come into direct contact with the product. In addition, the front-loading design enables quick and easy replacement, providing more uptime and lower maintenance costs. Interchangeable single, flushed, and double seals simplify spare parts inventory.


Alfa Laval provides a three-year warranty for all non-wearing parts, provided genuine parts are used.

If self-priming is an operation, consider the new Alfa Laval Prime centrifugal pump.
Based on the market-leading Alfa Laval LKH pump, Alfa Laval LKH Prime is an efficient, versatile, and hygienic self-priming pump using a combination of air-screw technology and advanced design to meet the most stringent requirements in the food, dairy, beverage, home and personal care industries. Primarily used for Cleaning-in-Place duties containing entrained air, it can also pump products, reducing capital investment. Now, with an additional model size, it provides an extended performance envelope.

LKH centrifugal pumps are currently available in 13 sizes to handle capacities up to 500 m3/hour and pressures up to 190 H/(m). Options include types of shaft seals, flushing arrangements, and elastomers.

Another notable feature is the compression coupling. This precision-aligned component securely attaches the stub shaft to the motor shaft. Setup is simple, operations are secure, and noise and vibration are minimized. What’s more, the coupling helps prolong the service life of the shaft seal and motor.