Alfa Laval Optilobe Rotary Lobe Sanitary Pumps

The Alfa Laval OptiLobe rotary lobe pumps are cost-effective alternatives for general sanitary applications requiring gentle product treatment and easy serviceability. Their traditional design makes them versatile, reliable, and energy-efficient. These hygienic rotary lobe positive displacement pumps enhance process flexibility and operational reliability. They are a great choice when the process requirements are manageable and cost is a consideration.

OptiLobe Technology Features

The OptiLobe is known for easy maintenance. Factory-set shimming makes changing the rotor easy without needing readjusting or retiming. Parts replacement, when required, is also simplified; high-precision components are interchangeable for pumps of the same size.

Wide Variety of Pump Models for Process Flexibility

Other Technical Features:

Options for the OptiLobe Pump add to its versatility and include:

SPXFLOW C Series Models Available and Specifications