What Motivates Employees to Work at One Company for 30+ Years?

Anderson Dahlen has an impeccable record for long-tenure among its employees. Many have worked for us for 30 years or more, and have shown great dedication to the company throughout the years. Recent stats suggest that the average person changes jobs an average of 12 times during their career. Which begs some obvious questions; ‘€œWhy have so many people dedicated their time at Anderson Dahlen for 2 and 3 decades, or longer? And what makes our company stand out compared to others?’€

Paul Brust, a recently retired employee, was with Anderson Dahlen for 36 years. With all that dedication and devotion, we were very interested to get his thoughts on what makes Anderson Dahlen different. So we asked him a few questions regarding his employment during his recent retirement party.

What was your best memory from Anderson and Dahlen?

Paul: ‘€œThe Knoll’€™s were all great characters. Dick Knoll specifically, was one of kind. When my daughter was born, Dick gave me $1,000 because there was no maternity leave and that really helped us out in that time.’€

If you could give any advice to future employees, what would that be?

Paul: ‘€œDon’€™t think you know it all. Don’€™t be afraid to ask questions and always listen to those around you.’€

What was your favorite thing about working at Anderson Dahlen?

Paul: ‘€œThe people. They were such a great group. My supervisor, Tim makes it easy when people are out on leave or out.”

What will you miss the most about working at A&D?

Paul: ‘€œComing into work and seeing everyone joking around while getting things done. That makes it so easy to work there and you create long-lasting friendships too.’€

It was nice to hear from someone who had been at one location for so long. However, we wanted to get some additional perspectives. What specifically made people want to stay employed at our company over the years? While looking for some answers, we found out along the way that a couple employees had left for a period of time and came back. Steve Bassett, who has been with the company for 19 total years, spent 2 years working elsewhere.

‘€œWhen I first started at A&D I was stuck in welding and wanted to be in machining. What made me come back was the fact Anderson and Dahlen has more opportunities, flexibility and more benefits.’€ Steve Bassett

We spoke to a few other people who have been working with the company for different periods of time, just to gather their thoughts and perspectives.

‘€œSome of the things I really enjoy about working here is the work is always challenging. You get to physically see how things are built and it’€™s always a variety of things we create. Not only do we provide opportunities and growth, but the company is constantly getting new, well equipped and clean equipment.’€ Troy Stokes (20 Years)

Hearing the reasons people have stayed (or returned) and shown dedication to their job at Anderson and Dahlen was remarkable. When you take a step back and look at those reasons why people continue their employment at one facility, it isn’€™t limited to specific opportunities or flexibility. It’€™s because they’€™re in a safe work environment where they can build trust and work together as a team. During its 75 year history as a business, Anderson Dahlen has built excellent partnerships with suppliers and customers, and worked to gain trust from our employees. We can only go as far as these relationships will take us.

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