Custom Equipment

Besides storage vessels, mixers & blenders, batch processing, screw conveyors, belt conveyors, pump feeders, and steam ovens, our team has experience in many turnkey equipment solutions.


Anderson Dahlen provides an assortment of equipment that delumps products. Our systems break down materials that are commonly used in the pharmaceutical and food industry, without damaging the original product. Our delumping equipment has been installed in applications such as coarse grinding, fine grinding, and wet grinding. Across a range of industries, our machines have been successful in:

  • Reducing labor costs
  • Improving operator safety
  • Increasing product quality/efficiency


Our CAD engineers along with our manufacturing team have a high level of expertise that allows us to custom design our milling equipment to differentiate ourselves. We take into account material characteristics that define the milling process, such as temperature, moisture content, density, abrasiveness, and hardness. Our milling systems showcase:

  • High-Quality Technology: easy-to-use software gives the user ease of use and quality products.
  • Improved Efficiency: our machines can decrease time and increase production
  • Great Accuracy: produces frequently 100% accurate products, giving the machine a high level of repeatability with positional accuracy.

Variability: Our machines can handle a wide variety of materials that range from metals, plastics, and wood.


Our custom industrial platforms are typically produced with stainless steel for high sanitary standards. Some are fabricated with aluminum to fit certain applications better. Every unit is designed to meet critical sanitary standards; such as no crevices or flat surfaces, which prevents product contamination from bacteria and foreign substances.


Designed with durability, safety, and reliability, our dumpers have a straightforward easy-to-use design and can be customized to individual specifications and needs. We offer different types of dumpers, ranging from column, pivot, lift, and pallet retention dumpers. Some aspects that can be customized are:

  • Added height in sideboards to contain taller material
  • Different finishing specifications
  • Made in stainless steel, can be coated in zinc to combat corrosion, used commonly when equipment is outside
  • Adjustable tilt, angle, and cylinder sizes to meet your application
  • Working capacity can be customized to take heavier loads or can be reduced to reduce the cost for lighter operations.

A few standard models include:

  • Hydraulic Dumpers: good for heights higher than average
  • Bulk Dumper: reduces material handling man hours, and decreases operating costs, very versatile

Gondola Dumper: Accepts a wide variety of material, from metals to glass, plastic, rubber, organic compounds, chemicals, etc. Easy with loading, stainless steel gives the product low maintenance and long lasting.


Dampers are important when you need to regulate airflow and temperature. Dampers are often used for isolation, control, diverting, air quenching, process control, and pressure relief. Using low amounts of energy and requiring little to no maintenance, our dampers are a good fit for industrial and heavy-duty applications. They are also fabricated to provide a shut-off in industrial process control systems. They come in a variety of designs and shapes, including:

  • Round: offer tight shut off, very low leakage in industrial process control systems, versatile
  • Rectangular: consists of different models, good at having constant temperatures, very versatile, quality seals to reduce flow to 1%, good for operating at high temperatures (<1500 F)
  • Slide Gate Dampers: great for applications involving unrestricted ports when completely open, excellent in heat recovery systems, as well as fans and baghouses

Butterfly Dampers: designed for smaller applications, great at control or isolation, low leakage, does well with heavy particulate, excellent in air quenching applications, very good at temperature operating up to 2000 F.

Spiral Processing Systems (Non-Steam)

Spiral conveyor technology is used for many things including ambient temperature coolers, refrigerated chillers, and freezers. We can design a spiral system to do whatever you need it to do as long as we can fit it into your building. Some past thermal processing systems include:

  • Spiral convection oven dryers
  • Linear conveyor oven dryers
  • Spiral chilling systems
  • Spiral conveyor cooler ambient temperature
  • Packaged spiral freezers
  • Spiral hydro chillers
  • Stand-alone spiral conveyors