Now We’re Cooking: Industrial, High-Volume Cooking Solutions

Our high-volume cooking solutions allow food and pharmaceutical companies to utilize the efficiency and purity of steam cooking, improving quality and production volume. At the same time, they reduce cooking time, waste, and maintenance costs. By integrating linear steamers and Checker Spiral Steam Ovens into their production lines, they are increasing overall yields.

Direct Injection Steam Cooking

Our spiral and linear steam cookers are customized based on temperatures, cooking times, and the application itself, making them unmatched for maintaining food weight, moisture, nutritional content, and flavor.

Checker Spiral Steam Ovens

Checker Sprial Steam Ovens deliver more cooking power, in less space, at a lower cost. They are an efficient and economical way to pasteurize ready-to-eat (RTE) meat and poultry products. The flavor of the RTE product is retained by minimizing pasteurization time and precisely controlling the temperatures.

Non-Steam Cooking & Custom Cooking Processes

There are applications that require non-steam methods. Our engineers will help address custom requirements for your cooking process from radiant or convection to thermal jackets or heat platens.