Spiral Steam Ovens Designed for High Returns

Improve Your Oven’s Throughput, Consistency & Quality While Reducing Operating Costs

Our industrial spiral steam ovens put more cooking power into a smaller space at a lower cost than any system. Designed for the food (dairy, meat, seafood, packaged products) and pharmaceutical industries (low-temperature spiral dryers), the steam ovens offer a wide array of cooking options, times, and temperatures. The operating hour maintenance cost is only $5-10/hour. This is an efficient and economical way to pasteurize ready-to-eat (RTE) meat and poultry products. By maximizing microbe elimination, minimizing pasteurization time, and precisely controlling the process temperatures, the flavor of the RTE product is retained.

Proven Results

In 1988 Checker Machine began manufacturing a line of low-tension, direct-inject spiral steam ovens. Between 1988 and 2014 they manufactured more spiral steam ovens than anyone else and shipped them to four different continents. In 2015, Anderson Dahlen acquired the Checker spiral steam oven business with the idea of combining it with their own linear steamers and expanding the total product offering. Along with that purchase, Anderson Dahlen added several key Checker design, sales, and manufacturing team members to their staff to assist them in their new endeavor. With these additions, Anderson Dahlen has over 40 years of experience in spiral steam oven manufacturing, application analysis, and installation.

Typical Solutions

Key Benefits

Standard Product Line

Standard product lines are advantageous for customers because they reduce the machines’ cost to the customer. We have standard machine sizes, but they can all be customized to the individual's needs. We do not take the shotgun approach of one-size-fits-all.

Fully Welded 304L/316L Stainless Steel Construction

Long product life, low maintenance. Even the structural components are fabricated 304 stainless with no carbon steel at all. All internal bearings are stainless steel as well. Our machines normally have a 20-year plus useful life.

Low Maintenance Costs

Typical Checker Steamer maintenance costs (including belt amortization costs) are between $5 and $10 per operating hour compared to $50-$100/hour for high temperature ovens. Most Checker Steamers log 5,000- 6,000 run hours per year.