Stainless Steel Laser Cutting &
Waterjet, Custom Forming & Rolling

Providing Comprehensive Stainless Sheet Metal Forming Services

Anderson Dahlen combines precision waterjet and laser metal cutting to produce highly complex forms for custom designs with fast cutting time and high precision. Combined with machining and rolling equipment, you get the extensive metal forming expertise and equipment to make your project a success.

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Laser Cutting

Anderson Dahlen provides exceptional stainless steel laser cutting with the advantages of our two Cincinnati Laser CL-707 machines.

  • Accurate cutting and quality edges. The CL-707 laser can cut a wide range of parts including tubes, plates, and sheets. 
  • Parts don’t experience wear that other options in metal cutting would create. 
  • The CNC laser ensures parts, including the most complex forms for custom designs, are cut without the need for any special tooling.
Our Stainless Steel CNC Laser Cutting Equipment Capabilities Include:


A huge advantage to waterjet cutting is that it adds almost zero heat to the material during the cutting process, which is important for industries such as aerospace. Not adding heat reduces exceptionally unwanted effects, allowing steel or other alloys to be cut without interfering or distorting properties. 

In addition to no additional heat, the water jet also cuts intercut designs. Combined with technical software such as CAD, three-dimensional designs can be cut that most other traditional cutting processes cannot do. Its accurate cutting techniques reduce scrap material produced which drives down prices of producing projects for customers.

With the waterjet, Anderson Dahlen has two cranes overhead that can carry a combined weight of 20 tons of material to and from the waterjet. The waterjet creates a taper of less than 1 degree with most cuts, but for a specific specification for certain projects; it can be reduced or eliminated entirely by slowing down the cut process or tilting the jet.

Our Stainless Waterjet Cutting Equipment Capabilities Include:

Our Stainless Waterjet Cutting Equipment Capabilities Include:

Advanced Stainless Steel Forming

Anderson Dahlen has four plate rollers, allowing up to 144-inch sheets with thickness up to .375 inches. Our rolling machinery provides greater drive torque than any comparable machine. With higher drive torque, the plate can usually be rolled in fewer passes to a tighter diameter. The two lower rolls are sized to allow the plate rolling machine to generate further bending power than an equivalent machine. Along with plate rolling, Anderson Dahlen also fabricates parts that use the process of shape rolling. Our shape-rolling techniques can produce a range of parts that include I beams, H beams, U beams, T beams, angle iron, bar stock, and more.

Our CNC press brake includes high-grade components and diminishes waste while having higher repeatability and traceability. Having a CNC press brake compared to other types of press brakes reduces costs tremendously from the processes of machine setup, material handling, inspection, and parts cycle time. The high precision of the press brake machine will give you top-quality bends in your sheet metal forms that will meet your required specifications. With higher precision, there is less risk of damage to your parts from a poor fit. The productivity, repeatability, long-term reliability, and flexibility of our press brakes will aid in guaranteeing that your project will meet your expectations and any changing requirements.

Plate Rolling

Shape Rolling