Don’t Scrap Your Alloy 88 Screws or Rotors!

Participate in SPX FLOW’s Recycling Program and Earn More than the Current Scrap Value

Every day, modern manufacturing facilities become more and more environmentally friendly. Sustainable manufacturing benefits bottom lines while also helping to eliminate unnecessary waste. At Anderson Dahlen, we practice these sustainable methods and encourage our customers to embrace them as well. Today we’re excited to highlight one of our partners, SPX FLOW, and their efforts to create a more sustainable manufacturing community through their Alloy 88 Screws and Rotor Recycling Program.

SPX FLOW Recycling Program Details

What can you expect when participating in the Alloy 88 Rotor Recycling Program? There are a few key details to be mindful of:

      • Anyone returning Alloy 88 screws or rotors will be enrolled in this program.
      • SPX FLOW will track the number of pounds of rotors throughout the duration of the program.
      • This promotion is effective from May 16th through the end of the third quarter.
      • The team at SPX FLOW asks that you do not hold all of your rotors until the end of the program, as they are looking for a steady flow of material.
      • Collect 100 pounds or more of used Alloy 88 screws or rotors and receive a credit.
      • The more pounds you turn in, the bigger the chance you’ll receive a promotional prize!

Alloy 88 Screws/Rotors Approximate Weights by Pump

Looking for an easy way to gauge the weight of your screws and rotors? Check out this helpful graph that breaks down the approximate screw/rotor weight by pump model:

How to Send in Used Screws and Rotors

If you’re interested in participating in SPX FLOW’s Alloy 88 Screws and Rotor Recycling Program, follow these four easy steps:

  1. Accumulate a minimum of 100 pounds of used Alloy 88 screws or rotors (including screws/rotors coated with Armaloy, does not include diamond-coated screws/rotors).
  2. Contact SPX FLOW customer service Return Material Authorization (RMA) department and receive an RMA number.
  3. Return the cleaned used rotors/screws to the SPX FLOW facility in Delavan, WI. (U.S. freight will be covered by SPX FLOW, providing we choose the carrier and the total weight meets or exceeds 100 pounds).
  4. Upon receipt of the cleaned, used rotors/screws, SPX FLOW will confirm weight and issue a credit based on the current price per pound. Contact customer service for the current price per pound.

To contact Anderson Dahlen’s customer service:

Phone: (763) 852-4700


Benefits of Participating in the Alloy 88 Screws and Rotor Recycling Program

There are many benefits to recycling your used screws and rotors when you partake in this program, such as:

      • Additional revenue for your business.
      • Eligibility for valuable SPX FLOW promotional items.
      • No additional cost to your business (SPX FLOW will pay for the shipping costs).
      • Recycling these products will help main SPX FLOW’s production costs, which helps fight heavy inflationary rotor pricing pressures.
      • Embracing sustainable practices that will better help your bottom line and sustainable manufacturing.

Contact the Anderson Dahlen Team Today to Learn More

Ready to start recycling to help create a more sustainable manufacturing community? Contact us by phone or email if you’re interested in participating in the Alloy 88 Recycling Program:

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