5 Reasons We Recommend a Manufacturing Career

Manufacturing is a booming industry that employs 10% of the nation’s workforce. It has proven a stable, rewarding, and promising career path for both entry-level and seasoned professionals. Not only is manufacturing full of potential, but there are plenty of opportunities for promotions and earning a great paycheck.

Basic Manufacturing Job Requirements:

What are some of the foundational skills to manufacturing? 

Basic requirements for manufacturing include:

  • Proficiency in machinery work
  • Organizational skills (Like keeping a clean workspace!)
  • Prioritization of tasks
  • Teamwork and an ability to work well with coworkers

In short, those who can best succeed in manufacturing are able to deliver products fabricated with the most strict tolerances, maintain a pleasant and friendly attitude, and work hard. If this sounds like you, check out our manufacturing job opportunities.

The 5 Biggest Benefits of a Manufacturing Career

So, why should you pursue a manufacturing career? It’s not easy to condense our list to the top five, but here’s what we keep hearing from satisfied manufacturing employees.

Plenty of Entry-Level Options

Manufacturing jobs offer great entry-level positions to those new to the industry. It’s an ideal industry for recent graduates, resume builders, or anyone looking to transition careers. And the pay is excellent. Even starting wages for entry-level positions are higher than similar roles in many other fields.

Tangible Results 

Are you a worker who wants to see the results of their hard work? Perhaps there is no other industry in which employees can appreciate the dedication and expertise they put into their end product than manufacturing.

Increasing Competition for Talent (That’s You!)

When asked about their top priorities for 2022, 38% of manufacturing executives say it’s their ability to attract employees with goals for retention closely following. Their solution: Ensure salaries keep pace with the competition and reward those who stay with generous year-over-year increases. Manufacturing pay increases hover around 6%, significantly higher than the average of 4% which remains the standard for other industries.

Highly Valued by Employers and Industry 

Though manufacturing work can be physically and mentally demanding, its careers are rewarding since employers appreciate those fulfilling those tasks, especially when you consider the demand for quality workers.

In fact, the American Association for Manufacturing reports that almost 80 percent of manufacturing companies are satisfied with their employees and the quality of their products or services. When you choose a job in this industry, you’re more likely to be highly valued by your employer and treated as a team member they want to keep around.

Staying Active Throughout the Day

Let’s face it – a desk job is not for everyone. Many employees grow tired of sitting in one place for eight to ten hours every day. Manufacturing gives you the opportunity to roam around and engage with people and equipment across the facility, which helps the time pass more quickly.
Also, you’ll benefit from the health perks of a more active job: Risks like obesity, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes are nearly halved when compared to those in more sedentary roles.

Ready to Find Your Next Manufacturing Job? Start Here!

At Anderson Dahlen, it is our priority to continue supporting the tradition of American manufacturing and to create an exceptional business that supports and drives skilled labor. If you’re interested in learning more about a promising career in manufacturing with one of the most innovative, leading manufacturers in the nation, contact us today.

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