Gearing Up To Support STEM Summer Camps In Minnesota

It is critically important for young students to understand and experience STEM by themselves. These summer camps provide an opportunity to conduct hands-on experiments and meet experts in the field at a time when students are discovering their interests and passions in the STEM field, helping them prepare themselves for college and career development by taking relevant courses, conducting science projects, volunteering/shadowing in STEM fields.

Lifeng Dong, Hamline University Professor and Department Chair, and the Emma K. and Carl R. N. Malmstrom Endowed Chair in Physics

Anderson Dahlen is gearing up for a summer of learning. This is our third year sponsoring STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) summer camps at Hamline University. And this year, weâ’‚¬’„¢ll be sponsoring three summer camps:

These camps will focus on building interest in a range of STEM topics, including manufacturing and design concepts, sustainable and renewable energy, and math topics. And we couldn’t be more excited to work with kids about a subject that has helped to make Anderson Dahlen and America a powerhouse of innovation and manufacturing.

Read on to learn more about STEM learning, its vital role in manufacturing, and how our annual workshops with kids are a highlight of our year.  

America Was Built On STEM

STEM not only helped to make America one of the best countries in the world but it’s also helped Americans make the world a better place. Thanks to STEM, we’ve been able to usher in incredible advancements in manufacturing and technology and further develop our understanding of the natural and physical sciences. These innovations have made life easier and more enjoyable for communities across the country and have positively impacted generations throughout history.

Collaboration is a critical part of our daily life at work, at school, or at home. People with different backgrounds can bring a diversity of perspectives to better help solve problems and transform STEM fields.

Lifeng Dong

But in recent years, we’ve seen declining interest in STEM topics. The number of students majoring in STEM subjects has been dropping, and fewer kids are showing an interest in pursuing a career in manufacturing or STEM-related fields. So we want to help change that quickly and proactively.

We recognize Anderson Dahlen has a limited capacity to bring more attention to the incredible world of STEM. But we also believe we can make changes on a smaller scale that may have a significant impact later on. In working with Hamline University’s STEM summer camps, we have an opportunity to inspire tomorrow’s innovators to bring their new perspectives and help us build renewed enthusiasm for some of the most thrilling fields of study and careers available. 

The Need To Support Young Students In STEM

There are many possible causes of the decline in STEM over the years. Whether it’s the possibly intimidating nature of STEM or the lack of diversity in the community, many students have been self-selecting themselves out of STEM fields.

That’s what makes Hamline University’s summer camps so important. They play a crucial role in breaking down possible barriers to STEM. By working with students at a young age, before possible misconceptions about STEM have an opportunity to sink in, we can more effectively encourage children to realize their potential, pursue their interests, and develop passions for the fields of science, technology, engineering, and manufacturing. 

Hamline’s summer camps help students discover or reinforce their passions and interests in the STEM fields: The Innovation Camp helps the students to develop a plan on bringing concepts to marketable products or services. For the Renewable Energy Camp, the students can construct their own batteries to power LED light bulbs and bring them home to share with their families and friends. For the new Microscope Adventure Camp, the students will operate state-of-the-art environmental scanning electron microscope (SEM) to reveal microstructures of integrated circuits and learn about applications of SEM in forensic science, construction materials, and other fields.

Lifeng Dong

The wonder and excitement of STEM is alive in Hamline University’s summer camps!

That’s one of the most rewarding things about our sponsorships. We’ve been able to get to the source of what makes STEM so cool. There’s nothing like working with young students in hands-on workshops that help kids make meaningful connections between STEM, themselves, and the world.

Why Diversity In STEM Matters

In addition to inspiring a new generation of STEM professionals, we also recognize that supporting underrepresented members of the STEM community is vital to the success and competitiveness of our related industries and areas of study. 

There’s no question about the myriad benefits of diversity in STEM fields. Diversity among students and professionals in STEM professions has been shown to have a positive impact on the quality of STEM initiatives, as well as improved efficiency in manufacturing, worker productivity, and innovation. The American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) points out that diversity of thought is critical to the success of STEM initiatives.

We’re committed to helping students of all backgrounds understand their place in the world of STEM and how they can become innovators and leaders in it. Sometime’s, it’s as simple as showing up and being a mentor. When talented kids have someone who believes in them and their capabilities, they’re less likely to self-select themselves out of STEM fields. The efforts we make now to demonstrate that there’s a place for people of all backgrounds in STEM, the more we can help our related fields of study and industries become stronger than ever. 

Letâ’‚¬’„¢s Learn Together!

Weâ’‚¬’„¢re so grateful for the opportunity to sponsor Hamline Universityâ’‚¬’„¢s STEM Summer Camps. Together with Hamline, we can help grow STEM industries and make the world a better place!
If youâ’‚¬’„¢re curious about Hamline University’s summer camps, or want to learn more about working for Anderson Dahlen, contact us today!

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