Our staff is comprised of a variety of backgrounds including physics, materials science, non-destructive testing, mechanical engineering and business administration. Applied Vacuum Division has extensive design and manufacturing experience for surface science instruments, semiconductor processing equipment, vacuum coating systems, and other vacuum equipment.

Industries Served

Applied Vacuum Division supplies custom components, chambers and assemblies for a variety of industries that utilize vacuum equipment and process. Research markets include Advanced Materials, Atomic Science, Particle Physics, Energy, Biomedical and other disciplines employing UHV systems. Commercial markets include Semiconductor Processing, LED, Microelectronics, Decorative and Performance Coatings, Aerospace, and others.

We also have engineering and manufacturing resources available from our parent company, Anderson Dahlen, which has over 40 years of custom stainless fabrication for food processing, pharmaceutical, chemical, nuclear and other industries.

Core Competency

Applied Vacuum Division’s core competencies involve machining and welding of stainless steel with careful utilization of Ultra-high vacuum (UHV) fabrication techniques. We are keenly aware of material choices and preparation techniques, and their impact on end-product vacuum performance. Applied Vacuum Division stocks an extensive array of ESR (Electro-slag remelt), VAR (Vacuum-arc remelt) and standard grade low carbon stainless steels; as well as a number of other alloys commonly used for vacuum components and chambers. We have experienced resources for special processing of raw material and finished products such as vacuum heat treating, annealing, stress relieving, dehydrogenation, passivation, electro-polishing and other techniques commonly required for ultra-high vacuum ad well as XHV (Extreme high vacuum) applications.


All of our welders are certified per ASME boiler & pressure vessel code, section 9, 6G level for GTAW.

Our quality staff holds certifications as CWI (certified welding inspector) from the American Welding Society and ASQ Quality Technician.

Our Quality Manager is a senior member of the American Society for Quality.

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