Applied Vacuum Division designs and manufactures custom chambers, welded assemblies, flanges and precision components for Extreme High Vacuum (XHV) requirements ranging from 10-11 to 10-13 Torr vacuum level.

Project Examples

Ultracold Atom Research Using a UHV Chamber at Harvard University’s Greiner Lab

Applied Vacuum Division produced the critical UHV vacuum chamber system components using 316LN ESR material for all flanges and UHV housings.

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Since 1989, Applied Vacuum has been fabricating custom products for vacuum applications:

  • Electron Beam, Photo Emission & Advanced Semiconductor device research and applications
  • Surface Analysis and Mass Spectroscopy Instruments
  • MBE, MOCVD and other Extremely High Vacuum Deposition Processes
  • XHV Research Systems, Synchrotrons and Beam Lines

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Anderson Dahlen is able to engineer and manufacture most assemblies with very high quality at very competitive costs.

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Anderson Dahlen Applied Vacuum Division - CNC + Multi-Axis Machining

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