Employee Benefits: The Key to Making “Made in the USA” Stronger Than Ever

Why do we love products that are “Made in the USA?” Is it because we make things better? Of course, you could argue that Americans make things that last longer, are more aesthetically pleasing, or work better than products manufactured overseas. But that is not always the case. From across the globe, American manufacturers face […]

Manufacturing The American Dream

We’d like to take a moment to talk about American manufacturing. There’s been a lot of talk lately about how American businesses are struggling against the effects of globalization, tariffs, a shrinking workforce, and a variety of other push/pull factors influencing the offshoring of American manufacturing jobs. It’s true, manufacturing will always come with challenges, […]

Making Customer-Focused Project Management the Manufacturing Model of Tomorrow

Businesses are only as good as their people. At Anderson Dahlen, our project managers play a key role in our ongoing success. Every Anderson Dahlen project gets its own project manager to ensure customer concerns and design specifications are met. And our demonstrable track record from 70 years of precision manufacturing has given our customers […]

Ensuring Customer Service is Found, Not Lost

In today’s world, we are used to everything being available for us digitally when and where we want it. So who needs people, right? Well, not so fast.  This narrative is far from reality. As Amazon’s Jeff Bezos put it, “We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts. […]

Making Safety Pay at Anderson Dahlen

We are pleased to announce that our Applied Vacuum Team in Waconia, MN recently received the Outstanding Achievement Award from the Minnesota Safety Council. The award honors continuing improvement and/or an outstanding record for three consecutive years for Days Away Restricted Transfer (DART) rate and an Incidence Rate 51-90% better than the average industry classification. […]

Why Today’s Talented Job Seekers are Coming to Work at Anderson Dahlen

There’s a feeling of excitement and optimism in the United States and Minnesota and our sense is that it is about more than the nice weather. Stores and businesses are opening up again, the job market is continuing to improve and strengthen. Anderson Dahlen has benefited as highly skilled workers continue to join our team. […]