Manufacturing The American Dream

Weâ’‚¬’„¢d like to take a moment to talk about American manufacturing.

Thereâ’‚¬’„¢s been a lot of talk lately about how American businesses are struggling against the effects of globalization, tariffs, a shrinking workforce, and a variety of other push/pull factors influencing the offshoring of American manufacturing jobs.

Itâ’‚¬’„¢s true, manufacturing will always come with challenges, and the industry has suffered setbacks over the years. But that is not the whole story.Ânbsp; 

Take a look around our shop floor and, youâ’‚¬’„¢ll see a much different picture. We are busy and growing. Demand is up. Weâ’‚¬’„¢re not afraid to say it â’‚¬’€œ The American Dream is alive at Anderson Dahlen.

Manufacturing Jobs And The American Dream

For many, the American dream might seem like a quaint and outdated notion, and possibly not even attainable anymore.

As a refresher, the American Dream has been defined as:

â’‚¬Å“…the belief that anyone, regardless of where they were born or what class they were born into, can attain their own version of success in a society in which upward mobility is possible for everyone. The American dream is believed to be achieved through sacrifice, risk-taking, and hard work, rather than by chance.â’‚¬nbsp;

Perhaps nowhere else, in no other industry, is this more applicable than in manufacturing. Manufacturers have a unique opportunity to create upward mobility for a great community of people through our commitment to hard work, expert craftsmanship, and quality production.

Over time, and with consistent dedication to our employees, this translates into on-the-job training, upskilling to expand the skills and expertise of our team and as we grow, so do the careers of our talented employees. If you think about it, itâ’‚¬’„¢s the perfect model for the unique element thatâ’‚¬’„¢s made our country and economy the strongest in the world: it is what you make of it.

We would argue that not only is the American Dream still alive in manufacturing, itâ’‚¬’„¢s never been more important than right now.Ânbsp; 

Why This Is Important

The health and success of American manufacturing is critical both on a macro and micro scale.

Up close, on a personal level, there are few opportunities that create prosperity and security for Americans quite like the jobs in manufacturing. Here, hard-working, middle-skilled workers have a clear path to prosperity wherein their return on hard work and dedication to their craft is exponentially larger than in any other industry.

But if we look at the big picture, weâ’‚¬’„¢re able to see how manufacturing, an industry of innovation, plays a central role in the American economy, which is driven by innovation. In this way, manufacturing directly advances our countryâ’‚¬’„¢s ability to innovate and compete on the world stage. This, in turn, translates to economic growth and prosperity for our communities nationwide and acts to stabilize our markets. Even our national defense and security depends largely on the well-being of the manufacturing sector.

Whatâ’‚¬’„¢s more, is that US-based manufacturing is not only good for skilled workers. US manufacturing supports a wide range of higher-skill service jobs, including lawyers, bankers, and accountants whose expertise applies across a variety of industries, not just manufacturing.

And when you consider the industries to which manufacturing is tied â’‚¬’€œ to name a few, maintenance and â’‚¬’€¹Ã¢’‚¬’€¹operations, technology development, research, engineering, design, transportation â’‚¬’€œ we get a fuller picture of just how central manufacturing is in supporting these industries â’‚¬’€œ industries that are still making good on the promise of the American Dream.

Offering â’‚¬Å“Made In The USAâ’‚¬nbsp; Jobs Is An Ongoing Commitment

Anderson Dahlen has been manufacturing highly specialized stainless steel equipment for over 75 years. During that time, weâ’‚¬’„¢ve become the premier manufacturer of expertly designed, custom equipment for a variety of industries ranging from the atomic sciences to food processing, and physics research to the pharmaceutical industry.

But being â’‚¬Å“Made in the USAâ’‚¬nbsp; isnâ’‚¬’„¢t a singular achievement, it is an ongoing commitment and a solemn responsibility we take very seriously.

At Anderson Dahlen, it is our priority to continue supporting the tradition of American manufacturing and to deliver on our promise to our skilled workers. On a small scale, that means continuing to offer the most rewarding manufacturing jobs right here in Minnesota.

If youâ’‚¬’„¢re interested in learning more about a promising career in manufacturing with one of the most innovative, leading manufacturers in the nation, contact us today.

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