Anderson Dahlen Becomes a Specialized Distributor of Graco Sanitary Products

Anderson Dahlen is proud to announce that it has recently become a specialized distributor for Graco SaniForce products for food processing, pharmaceutical, and related industries. Customers will benefit from the combination of Graco’s unique and innovative product features and the highest reliability in demanding environments, along with Anderson Dahlen’s significant experience with sanitary processing system design and integration for food and pharma applications.

Anderson Dahlen is unique among Graco’s distributors, having a specialized focus on sanitary products and applications. As well as providing engineering and manufacturing experience for integrating Graco’s products into larger assemblies. We are excited to add these new capabilities, products and support to our already wide portfolio of standard products for sanitary processing systems. Anderson Dahlen is also looking forward to helping Graco provide even better support for their customers in the food and pharma industries by leveraging our equipment and process expertise.

Effective immediately, Anderson Dahlen will be a full distributor of Graco sanitary products, accessories, and parts. Our focus will be on these Graco products and related parts:

  • SaniForce piston transfer pumps for FDA sanitary compliance handling extremely viscous fluids.
  • Air and Electric Diaphragm Pumps which offer Graco quality handling medium to low viscosity sanitary food products. The new electric option offers maximum flexibility for manufacturing layout with the same rugged performance as their air pumps.
  • Bin and Drum Unloaders which can eliminate manual scooping and bin dumping using a rugged, fully sanitary unloader pumping up to 1,000,000 cps from 55-gallon containers.

As a Graco Distributor, Anderson Dahlen can offer full support for the new line of piston and high viscosity pumps. We are particularly looking forward to introducing Graco’s unique electric diaphragm pump which can provide advantages over air-actuated versions. Graco’s reputation for sanitary pumps for high viscosity fluids including abrasives brings a new dimension to Anderson Dahlen’s position in the sanitary food processing and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Graco is a worldwide leader in fluid handling systems:

They are a large company with significant engineering and manufacturing resources, and back their products with great customer service.

  • Their R&D programs are constantly delivering product improvements and innovative new products.
  • Their market leading products are known for reliability in harsh environments.
  • Vertical integration and advanced manufacturing processes assure extremely high-quality products.

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