Employee Benefits: The Key to Making “Made in the USA” Stronger Than Ever

Why do we love products that are “Made in the USA?” Is it because we make things better? Of course, you could argue that Americans make things that last longer, are more aesthetically pleasing, or work better than products manufactured overseas. But that is not always the case. From across the globe, American manufacturers face stiff competition from countless companies whose products rival our own both in their durability and quality.

Perhaps it’s because when American companies get manufacturing right, they’re making more than just a great product they can be proud of. They’re doing more than developing technological innovations that can revolutionize an industry and drum up capital that’s helped to make America the biggest economy in the world. While these are all true, the reason why American Manufacturing is held in such high regard is much simpler.

When American companies get manufacturing right, they’re improving the lives of their team members. They’re lifting up families and creating a better future for everyone in their community.

Anderson Dahlen’s Different Approach to “Made in the USA”

At Anderson Dahlen, we’ve taken a different approach. We’ve followed a belief that by providing the best benefits, the safest workplace, opportunities for career development, and great work culture, we can build a stronger company.

At Anderson Dahlen, we believe that our team members make the company what it is. From the skilled craftspeople on the shop floor to the engineers who are helping our clients design and build the most cutting-edge equipment in several industries, Anderson Dahlen is proof that doing right by your team is the most effective strategy to creating a product and a company worthy of the “Made in America” label.

Here are just a few of the employee benefits and community efforts that set Anderson Dahlen apart from other manufacturers:

  • Sponsoring internships that are helping to drive diversity in STEM
  • Creating a work/life balance for our team members so they can bring their best selves to work every day
  • A workplace safety program that’s made our shop floor a model for safety in manufacturing
  • A history of diverse growth that allows career training and advancement

Team Members Speak for themselves

We could go on and on about the company that we’ve built and are working hard to make better year over year. But sometimes, the top reference is from those who know us, our culture, and our manufacturing process the best, our team members. (All reviews are submitted anonymously to indeed.com.)

“Clean, safe environment, humble team members. I get along with all. Not really a bad word to say about the place. I work the weekend shift, and it is perfect for my lifestyle.”

“Anderson Dahlen helped me when I was going through some personal things in life. They were understanding and supported me in my recovery. I appreciate them for the support and opportunity they gave me.”

“Anderson Dahlen is a great place to work. Nice hours and challenging workload which made every day interesting. Really nice, hardworking, intelligent people that like to help others when needed.”

“I would recommend Anderson Dahlen to anyone interested in machining, welding, fabrication, assembly, inspection, or warehouse. They are a growing company under good leadership with continuous expansion in progress.”

“This is a good company that is very profitable and growing. They pay well and give bonuses to all at year-end.”

“Anderson Dahlen is a good company to work for, especially for beginners in the industry. The owner was very involved in daily work and took great pride in his company and work.”

Invest in the Team, and the Quality Shows in the Equipment

When businesses invest in their team members, they can bring out their true potential for hard work and dedication. At Anderson Dahlen, the investments we make in our workforce show our equipment’s quality, durability, and craftsmanship. We value our team members’ love of what they do since it is their pride in craftsmanship that has the potential to drive a higher standard of quality and more efficient, cost-saving procedures which are informed by those who know the work the best.

Encouraging our team to be better and improve their craftsmanship helps us all achieve a higher standard for our equipment that reflects the pride of Anderson Dahlen’s team members. We want our clients to know that we build machines that are tough enough to last longer than anything on the market, safe enough to exceed even OSHA’s high standards, and strong enough to withstand most anything they’ll encounter after leaving our shop floor.

All this keeps us going and makes us the premier manufacturer of equipment that is “Made in the USA.” But it’s our team and the community we’re working hard to build that gives us a reason to do our very best and continue to build something you won’t find anywhere else.

Help Anderson Dahlen Take “Made in the USA” to New Heights

When you join Anderson Dahlen, you’re not just joining a company that makes a great product. You’re beginning a career with the potential to be more profitable and secure – and have fun while doing so!

As the premier worldwide manufacturer of “Made in America” equipment, we have a lot to live up to. Contact us today to join our team and help us get there together.

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