Meet Anderson Dahlen at the 2022 Pet Food Forum

Anderson Dahlen’s world-class specialty alloy fabrication and equipment integration services will be on full display at the Petfood Forumâ’‚¬’€this year’s most critical series of conferences, exhibitions, and unique events serving the global petfood manufacturing industry. Every year we attend the Petfood Forum, excited for the opportunity to catch up with our industry partners, and network with new friends.

Not only is this our chance to represent the finest manufacturing in the industry, but we also get a sampling of the latest research, innovation, and information on petfood safety, pet nutrition, the growth of the global petfood market, as well as processing and packaging from other petfood industry experts.

Anderson Dahlen and the Petfood Industry

One of the key advantages Anderson Dahlen has always had over our competitors is our willingness to go the extra mile for each and every project, regardless of size. We provide world-class specialty alloy fabrication and equipment integration services to the petfood industry, from front-end design through final assembly.

As part of Gray Equipment’s portfolio, we’ve grown into a 75-year-old company committed to advancing the quality of life for pets worldwide. Our equipment is a natural fit for petfood manufacturing processes, and we’re looking forward to showcasing some of our key equipment and innovations from our booth at the forum.

The petfood industry impacts the lives of millions of people across the world, and Anderson Dahlen is proud to serve those who have dedicated their careers to this sector. But what makes Anderson Dahlen truly stand out is our culture that empowers employees with growth opportunities, possibilities, and endless potential.

Anderson Dahlen is Leading in American Manufacturing

The petfood industry has been around for years. But only recently has global demand for safe, high quality petfood spiked in such a way that the industrialized production of petfood necessitated the caliber of Anderson Dahlen’s equipment and manufacturing process. So it is our honor to have become a leading “Made In America” manufacturer, a key producer of equipment, and a natural partner for the petfood industry.

Petfood companies depend on us for our specialized, state-of-the-art, and reliable solutions. From the initial design concept to facility planning, manufacturing, and packagingâ’‚¬’€our experienced engineers are focused on your project, and we’re able to deliver on time.

With our comprehensive integration services, we can customize or provide custom solutions for petfood manufacturers who have multiple equipment needs or a one-stop-shop for their business. We can also support existing equipment production with our leading-edge technology solutions.

Contact Anderson Dahlen for More Info!

The Petfood Forum is a great opportunity to exchange ideas, network, and do business with the pet food industry’s manufacturers and suppliers. As a leading manufacturer of high-end alloy equipment and integration services for the petfood industry, Anderson Dahlen will be front and center to help improve your business.

If you’d like to learn more about how Anderson Dahlen serves the petfood industry, or about our booth at the upcoming Petfood Forum, contact us today.


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