Focus on Jobs : CNC Operators and Their Crucial Role in Minnesota Manufacturing

With our CNC mills, Anderson Dahlen is able to manufacture some of the most highly specialized components to exacting, precision-built standards.

We have one of the largest CNC lathes in the upper midwest. Since it was installed in 2012, weâ’‚¬’„¢ve had the ability to drill and tap holes, mill slots, and turn precision parts that are up to 315.50â’‚¬nbsp;³ long and 51.0â’‚¬nbsp;³ in diameter!

We have six horizontal CNC mills as well, the largest of which, the Toshiba BP-150 R35 Horizontal Mill, is able to handle parts that are up to 236â’‚¬’„¢ in length, 138â’‚¬’„¢ width and 87â’‚¬’„¢ tall! We also have the only vertical turning lathe in Minnesota with live tooling.

But CNC mills and lathes don’t operate themselves â’‚¬’€œ they require CNC Operators of the highest skill level to achieve the precision, quality and durability designed into our products.

That’s why Anderson Dahlen hires and trains the very best CNC operators to become some of the most consequential personnel in Minnesotaâ’‚¬’„¢s manufacturing industry.

Thereâ’‚¬’„¢s far more to being a CNC operator than just pressing a button and monitoring a mill or lathe. This is our spotlight on CNC operators. Who they are, what they do, and why they play a critical role in Minnesota manufacturing.

Who Can be a CNC Operator?

To be a CNC operator, someone must be physically fit for long hours of standing. Anyone with strong attention to detail, high standards for precision milling, and an ability to set up the mill, from the work holding, tools, and tool holder to coding in machining processes on the control panel, will be qualified.

An Anderson Dahlen CNC operator is a hands-on person and a master of their own workspace. They are able to follow highly detailed blueprints and see objects as they are in real life and how they’ll fit and work with the larger equipment for which they are milled. That means being able to think dynamically on an x, y, z-axis, to visualize offsets and how even minute adjustments in the milling process can have a huge effect on not just the part on the table but the entire manufacturing process down the line.

Due to the high degree of knowledge and experience that it takes to successfully machine a difficult component, a good machinist knows they have achieved a skill level shared by only the best. Not only does the machinist need to have the capability to memorize hundreds of G & M codes and how they control the machine functions, they must have a solid grasp of geometry, trigonometry and the ability to visualize in 3D.

There are few who can do what an Anderson Dahlen CNC Operator can do. But they also understand they are a component of a much larger manufacturing process. Variances and inaccuracies that originate at the mill carry down the line and could possibly compromise equipment that has and will take months and several teams to build.

CNC Operators and Workplace Safety

Anderson Dahlen has one of the best track records for safety in Minnesota manufacturing. We’re able to maintain such high standards for workplace safety because we have buy-in and participation across all departments, with leads in each department making safety a key priority in their daily duties.

There is never a moment when an Anderson Dahlen CNC operator does not have eyes on their mill and its surroundings, no matter how many years of experience they have or how disciplined they may be. The Anderson Dahlen team is always evaluating our safety procedures and protocols, looking for opportunities to do more, improve, and plan for the future.

The Work/Life Balance of CNC Operators

Being a CNC operator is not just a job; it is a lifestyle. While Anderson Dahlen’s CNC operators are off the clock, their ability to rest and reset is critical to bringing their whole selves and their best work to the shop floor.

In order to help our team enjoy the most in life and to bring their best selves to work each day, we’ve built the most comprehensive benefits packages and offer some of the most competitive wages in Minnesota manufacturing. When skilled workers don’t have to worry about their level of compensation, their safety, and general wellbeing, the security and confidence they have translate to the shop floor.

CNC operators are at the cusp of Anderson Dahlenâ’‚¬’„¢s manufacturing process, where quality begins. The products we build make all the difference for our customers. An operatorâ’‚¬’„¢s dedication to their job, their craft, and our products is what makes us a premier Minnesota manufacturer of stainless steel equipment.

Training and Support

Every Anderson Dahlen CNC operator is trained on the tools, processes, and projects they’ll be working on. They are then mentored alongside the lead operator to build competency in what they will be doing.

Anderson Dahlen works hard to maintain the training and continuous education for our CNC operators so that both new hires and current machine operators have the best available resources to provide them with an opportunity to grow as employees and technicians. Unlike many of their contemporaries, CNC operators have the opportunity to be part of a team that has worked together and built a strong foundation for decades. Anderson Dahlen prides itself on having one of the best rates of retention amongst CNC operators in Minnesotaâ’‚¬’„¢s manufacturing industry.

The Best Team of CNC Operators in Minnesota Manufacturing

When you join Anderson Dahlen, you join a team of technicians who know how to leverage the tools and technology we have, to produce some of the highest quality parts and components in Minnesotaâ’‚¬’„¢s manufacturing industry. We value and support our skilled workers like no other business.

As an Anderson Dahlen CNC operator, you’re a member of a team that is always learning from and challenging each other to improve while flowing knowledge and expertise back and forth. We are proud to be on the cutting edge of our industry but also know the value of past experience. The skills learned by our CNC operators can apply themselves to help build a highly profitable and satisfying career.

Are you a skilled worker who could be a CNC operator at Anderson Dahlen? If so, contact us today!

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