Catch Industry Leaders Like Anderson Dahlen at This Year’s Cheese Expo

Dairy processing, like so many sectors in food manufacturing, is evolving at an incredible rate. The Cheese Expo is where the industry’s leaders gather to connect with partners and explore the innovations that will further transform dairy processing and food manufacturing. 

As a leading original equipment manufacturer for end-users in the dairy processing industry, Anderson Dahlen brings something new to the Cheese Expo every year. This year, we’re looking forward to reuniting with our industry partners, meeting new businesses, and demonstrating why manufacturers with the capability and caliber of Anderson Dahlen are so crucial to not just dairy processing but the end-to-end process of food manufacturing, packaging, and distribution.

Read on for what you can expect at the Cheese Expo this April and how we’re gearing up to help our partners have one of the most productive years yet!

The Critical Need for Original Equipment Manufacturing in Dairy Production

At Anderson Dahlen, our niche expertise in engineering and custom fabrication of specialty alloy metals into the highly technical and critical finished products keeps the industry running and continually evolving. 

But our passion is partnering with companies to solve their unique challenges.

No two dairy producers are the same. No two production floors or manufacturing processes are the same. That’s why you need specialized equipment built specifically for your needs and that fits in line with your operations.

For years, Anderson Dahlen has been working to provide food manufacturers liquid and dry process systems, equipment and automation solutions, and everything from stock products and fabricated components and assemblies to integrated production systems for:

  • Custom fabricated components of specialized food manufacturing equipment
  • Integrated food processing systems
  • Increasing volume while reducing material waste
  • Reducing overall maintenance and production costs

Three Ways Anderson Dahlen Gives Dairy Producers a Unique Advantage

At the Cheese Expo and in the larger landscape for food manufacturing, you’ll find several companies that can provide ready-made equipment for the processing and packaging of dairy goods. But we get so many visitors to our booth looking for so much more, like highly technical products that require custom fabrication of critical components and equipment.

The fact is, there aren’t commercially available solutions for our clients. That is why, over the years, we’ve developed unmatched equipment manufacturing that require industry-leading engineering, design collaboration, and custom-built projects that give our partners a unique advantage in three ways:

  • We can meet their critical needs, anything from features, tolerances, and documentation from the project’s initial scope to delivery.
  • We have manufacturing capabilities that smaller shops aren’t able to provide.
  • We collaborate with our partners on their design and build. With our engineering input and our client’s collaboration, we can produce one-of-a-kind solutions for the food industry.

Visit Our Booth at the Cheese Expo 

When it comes to delivering the very best equipment and components for your company, we can meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Whether you’re planning to visit the Cheese Expo or you require engineered solutions for food manufacturing, our team at Anderson Dahlen would love to connect! Make sure to visit booth 443, where you’ll also find our parent company,

Gray, as well as partners Spec and InLine.

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