Call Out to Skilled Workers: Come to Minnesota!

The Vikings are not the only team players in Minnesota. At Anderson Dahlen, we believe fully in a team dynamic that allows us to create some of the most powerful industrial equipment in the country. We also understand that developing the best manufacturing team in the nation means more than just providing great jobs with top-tier benefits, but in helping our community build a happy, quality life.

Whatâ’‚¬’„¢s waiting for you in Minnesota?Ânbsp; 

More People Are Moving to Minnesota Than Ever

Every year nearly 100,000 people migrate to Minnesota, with 19% of them being new citizens from outside the country. Theyâ’‚¬’„¢re coming to Minnesota for a variety of reasons:

At Anderson Dahlen, we offer skilled workers opportunities to find jobs in manufacturing and engineering to create quality machinery that gets used in industries from food manufacturing to critical scientific endeavors. This has never been more relevant in a time when skilled workers are looking for rewarding jobs, that value their work, safety, and quality of life.

We Offer a Comprehensive Benefits Package

We know that working for a company like ours requires more than just a decent salary to make it worthwhile. This country is built on the backs of skilled workers, and we believe in offering the resources required to help meet your needs. While we do offer competitive salaries, we also offer several key benefits that make working for us all the more appealing:

        • Health insurance
        • Dental insurance
        • Short-term and long-term disability
        • Life insurance
        • 401(k)
        • Paid vacation time

Our Skilled Workers Are Leading the Charge of Innovation

Not only does Anderson Dahlen have one of the most skilled and talented workforces in the state, but our work is exciting and contributes to the future of innovation and cutting-edge industries. We manufacture extremely powerful equipment used in industrial and scientific endeavors across the country, and we need people with the talent and skill to help us keep making these crucial devices.

From manufacturing to engineering, we need skilled workers with a passion for their profession and an eye toward the future. Minnesota is a state that was built on the backs of individuals who wanted more from life. We believe in using our resources and innovations to create a brighter tomorrow for everyone!

Lend Your Skills to the Future

We know that finding a worthwhile career can be difficult and intimidating, especially if it involves moving to a new location. But a great start in a new location begins with a great job and we believe fully in providing a family-friendly and professionally accommodating environment for all our employees.Ânbsp; 

If youâ’‚¬’„¢re interested in starting a new career in the great state of Minnesota, please contact us today. We would be more than happy to have you aboard our team. With us, you can help us make Minnesota an even better place to live!

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