The Importance Of Sanitization For Food and Pharmaceutical Equipment

Posted on: January 26, 2022
As the saying goes, “cleanliness is next to godliness.” Perhaps there are no other industries where this is more applicable than in the food manufacturing & processing and pharmaceutical industries.  While there are a lot of factors that can define a business’ success in both of these industries, the most critical of these hinges on the ease and ability to keep essential equipment clean and to maintain the highest sanitary standards. Any lapse in cleanliness can have a devastating effect on not just the consumer but everything from compliance, to liability, and a business’ brand.  With so much riding on sanitization, businesses in the pharmaceutical and food processing/manufacturing industries know, to maintain the highest standards, you have to go all the way back, to the source.

Where The Top Companies Get Their Equipment

Working with sub-standard equipment is one of the most effective ways to disrupt a business. Everything from equipment malfunctions, defects, or shoddy workmanship can lead to safety mishaps, breakdowns, or contaminants that can potentially end a business. Of course, there is much that companies are doing in-house to prevent such an event – from ensuring their processes are locked down, to training their personnel on the latest safety regulations – all things that are within their control. But while there are many in-house steps a business can take to ensure their equipment is sanitized, safe, and running at peak efficiency, there’s only so much that proper use and maintenance can accomplish.  That’s one of the main reasons why pharmaceutical companies and businesses in the food manufacturing & processing industries come to Anderson Dahlen. They need equipment they don’t have to worry about. They want equipment that’s easy to work with, and perhaps most importantly, easy to clean and maintain. By eliminating the possibility of equipment malfunction, food and pharmaceutical companies are taking the most crucial step to ensuring their success in the industry. But what’s more, they’re reducing the need to worry about equipment that’s been built to last. 

Unique Demand For Sanitization Means Unique Solutions

The manufacturing and processing in the food and pharmaceutical industries are so specific. And with so much depending on the best equipment, often the solution demands the most expert design engineering in the industry with further options for customization. One example is the many food manufacturers who come to us for equipment like our spiral steam oven. While the spiral steam oven costs less to operate and maximize cooking power in a smaller space, we often provide custom solutions so that maintaining even the highest sanitary standards can be accomplished with simple, daily maintenance and easy access for cleaning.  By designing with the end-user in mind, the chances are much greater the equipment will be used and cleaned properly, and businesses are able to keep their products safe and of the highest quality. And for the pharmaceutical industry, where manufacturing conditions must be sterile at all times, we often work with companies who need total oversight to our production process, from smooth and highly detailed FATs to our ability to trace all raw materials to their mill of origin and for any other materials that enter our facility.

Sanitary Conditions/Equipment Begins With Highly Skilled Workers

For manufacturers who can’t keep a sanitized and orderly shop floor, the quality of their equipment is going to suffer. So it goes without saying that producing the industry’s top-quality and most easily-sanitized equipment begins with our employees. Working at Anderson Dahlen means being empowered to drive the highest manufacturing standards in Minnesota, and most likely the nation. All our employees have buy-in on our incredibly high standards. And that’s a rarity. If we’ve been successful in creating this unique dynamic it’s because we recognize that everything begins with our team members. It’s why we value our employees like no other manufacturer.  If this sounds like the environment you’d like to be a part of, contact Anderson Dahlen today. You can help us drive the highest standards in manufacturing, nationwide!