Positive Displacement Pumps Solve Abrasive Wear and Pump Limitations When Handling a Toothpaste Product

The SPX Waukesha series of positive displacement pumps include advanced sanitation technologies, long-life features, and installation flexibility. They are also Clean-in-Place (CIP) capable that are engineered to perform in food & beverage, dairy, pharmaceutical, and personal care industries.

      • Key Features & Benefits

        • CIP capability available. Pump body has optional internal flat body profile and
          will free drain with vertical ports. Optional rotor and body hub drilling provided
          for difficult CIP cleaning applications.
        • Cover is free draining in horizontal or vertical port positions.
        • Rotor/shaft connection sealed from product zone.
        • Single mechanical seals standard. Optional double mechanical seals
          also available.
        • Seal flush optional: seal areas interconnected to improve circulation
          and draining of seal flush fluid. Steam-In-Place also is optional.
        • Optional aseptic design

        Long-life Features

        • Heavy-duty stainless steel bearing frame standard
        • Double tapered roller bearings
        • Greased lubed bearings for positive lubrication to all bearings over entire speed, temperature, and pressure range
        • Body retaining screws for maintaining mechanical seal contact during inspection
        • Extended outer seal life. A wave spring, instead of an O-ring, mechanically loads the seal
        • Unique mechanical seal design utilizes 2 pin stationary seal and special design shaft for rotary seal

        Success Story:

        Waukesha Cherry-Burrell Brand – Model 064 Universal 2 Series

        Industry: Cosmetics Manufacturing

        Problem: Abrasive wear and pump limitations when handling a highly viscous toothpaste product

        Solution: The toothpaste manufacturing process requires the transfer of a highly viscous (>100,000 cps) product from processing tanks to a de-aerator. The customer was originally using progressive cavity (PC) pumps which required routine re-builds due to the wear caused by the abrasive paste.

        Waukesha U2-064 pumps with single mechanical seals were selected to replace the PC pumps. The unique features of the pump’s External Circumferential Piston (ECP) style rotors provide long slip paths which gently scoop the solid particulates in the product. The tight tolerances of the U2 series prevent “slippage” back through the clearances of the pump, minimizing erosive wear. The pump also features a large rectangular inlet allowing the viscous product to more easily flow into the pump and prevent wear due to cavitation.

        Selection of the Waukesha U2 pump reduced re-build time, maximized uptime, and minimize total cost of ownership.

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