A Closer Look at Our Highly Specialized Quote Process (And How This Drives Customer Success)

With over 70 years of manufacturing experience, we understand better than most how many factors go into quoting custom projects. No matter your industry, receiving an accurate quote that meets both your required timeline and stays within budget is critical’€”especially for large-scale projects. With your business goals at stake, requesting custom quotes from a trusted manufacturer is much more critical.

Over the years, our team has dedicated ourselves to perfecting a custom-quote process designed to enhance an end product’€™s excellence, efficiency, and economy. In this blog post, we’ll take you through our tried-and-true custom quote process and how it sets up our customers for long-term success.

Our Four-Step Quote Process for Creating Custom, High-Quality Manufacturing Products

Step 1: Understanding the Customer’€™s Needs

Before we can even begin to prepare a custom quote, we must take the time to truly understand each potential customer’s unique project needs based on their business goals, budget, and desired timeline.

To ensure we gather all necessary information for every project request, we funnel each inquiry to the proper team of engineers and estimators based on project type’€”specifically for the food, pharmaceutical, industrial, and vacuum industries.

Once we receive an inquiry and the appropriate team gives it a preliminary review, we send a follow-up point of communication to gather additional information, if needed, or move right on to step two.

The Anderson Dahlen Difference: With an entire department dedicated to reading through every inquiry we receive, we guarantee that your request gets the thorough review it deserves before we ever put pen to paper in creating your custom quote.

Step 2: Building a Customized Quote

Once we have a deep understanding of the customer’s needs, we move on to building out the custom quote. Our process is tailored to each customer’s unique situation, so no two quotes are the same.

Taking into consideration various factors such as cost of labor, materials, inflation, our past project experience, and project complexity, we always provide the most accurate and transparent quote possible for every inquiry’€”whether your company is initially seeking a high-level quote or a more detailed quote. For companies that require more detail, we break down the costs of each element of the project and explain how each cost contributes to the final price and timeline.

The Anderson Dahlen Difference: After successfully building custom quotes for tens of thousands of projects, our team members are true experts in creating a comprehensive proposal that simultaneously meets your needs and our standards.

Step 3: Presenting the Quote to the Customer

Once we’ve completed the custom quote, we present it to the customer for review. But this is more than just a simple email with an attachment. Whether via email or phone call, our estimators walk each customer through their project quote, ensure they understand every element of it, and all questions and clarifications are answered.

We like to take a collaborative approach with our potential customers. We encourage our customers to ask questions and provide feedback so that we can work together to refine the quote and meet their needs.

The Anderson Dahlen Difference: With access to a robust ERP system that allows us to track past and present projects with just a single click, we have dialed in the process of creating spot-on quotes from the start. And if a quote does need to be adjusted, our decades of knowledge and experience building custom manufacturing equipment on both a small and large scale allows us to seamlessly modify the proposed process, timeline and budget to meet the customer’€™s needs.

Step 4: Delivering on the Custom Quote

Once the customer officially approves the quote and signs the contract, our team gets hard at work on their project. Every project has quality assurance built in from the start, including regular customer communication and up-front contract and specification reviews. When correct checks and inspections are built into the project timeline and performed consistently, this eliminates any project delays or unwanted surprises at the end.

Another Perk: Every single customer project is assigned a designated project manager, strapped with dedicated resources at their disposal, including engineering, design, fabrication, welding, assembly personnel, and equipment. This allows us to achieve our goal of 100% on-time delivery, 100% customer satisfaction, and zero defects, every time.

The Anderson Dahlen Difference: With full manufacturing and operations in-house, consider us your one-stop shop for your custom project needs. Rather than hiring multiple subcontractors to complete your custom build-out, we can do it all under one roof: manufacturing, welding, machining, assembly, and more. The benefit for you? Greater capabilities to stay on time and within budget without the hassle of sourcing various pieces and parts.

Inquire About Your Custom Project Today!

At Anderson Dahlen, we are committed to providing our customers with customized manufacturing solutions that allow them to maintain their reputation as a leader in their industry. Our custom quote process is an integral part of that commitment.

Executing your custom project on time, on budget and at our high-quality standards requires expertise, a high level of communication and attention to detail that we take pride in. With over seven decades of experience, Anderson Dahlen Inc. is the manufacturer you can trust to provide world-class metal fabrication and equipment integration for your company’€™s needs.

Contact us today to get started on your custom project.

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