Anderson Dahlen Presented TWO Awards For Outstanding Safety

Congratulations to the teams at Anderson Dahlens main manufacturing facility in Ramsey, MN and the Applied Vacuum Division in Waconia MN, for being recognized with a 2019 Minnesota Outstanding Award in Occupational Safety. Separate awards for each facility were announced on April 1 by the Minnesota Safety Council, a chapter of the National Safety Council.

The Outstanding level of award means that our great teams in both Ramsey and Waconia had an ongoing superior safety record with incident rates far better than the industry average and a very high score on the safety councils safety program evaluation scale. The Minnesota safety council was founded in 1928 and is a non-governmental non-profit organization focused on improving injuries in the workplace.

From our main manufacturing facility in Ramsey, Andy Davis Manufacturing Engineer and Safety Coordinator report that

The culture at Anderson Dahlen is driven by continuous improvement and cross-functional teamwork, with safety being no exception. Our near-miss program, incident root cause investigations, and cross-departmental participation in our safety committee provide avenues for all employees to highlight safety topics on a regular basis. By fostering an environment that advocates clear and open communication, our team members feel supported to say something when they see something so that we can all work safely.

For a smaller manufacturing operation like the Applied Vacuum Division, this safety achievement is really special. At less than 50 persons, our small size means one or two incidents a year would take us out of the running. It really comes down to our employees individually recognizing, reporting, and avoiding hazards. Chris Sinton, the site Safety Engineer, said

I think we have a strong safety culture that goes hand in hand with our craftsmanship; our employees would rather take the extra time to do the job right than to get it done quickly. In my experience thats when mistakes and accidents happen, so the attention to detail our workers show has added benefits hereI know thats true in Ramsey too.

The ongoing safety achievements show that safety is paramount at Anderson Dahlen. In October 2019, we celebrated over 600 days without a lost-time accident, a major achievement. Safety is about protecting our employees and sustaining our manufacturing operations at their maximum efficiency. We continue to do both.

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