Applied Vacuum Technology


The Applied Vacuum Division (AVD) of Anderson Dahlen is both proud and excited to be shipping this beautiful chamber, frame, and special hardware from our Waconia facility to UCLA. The 316L SS chamber and hardware were annealed in accordance with AVD’s proprietary heat treatment process to reduce hydrogen outgassing and magnetic permeability. Once delivered, this […]

Plant Operations Veteran Jon Nordrum to Lead Vacuum Division as General Manager

As most of us are experiencing during the COVID-19 pandemic, the greatest challenge for businesses is finding a balance between maintaining normal operations while closely monitoring the safety and well being of employees and customers our #1 priority. Anderson Dahlen has been working very hard (and successfully) to strike that very balance. Throughout this time, […]

LIGO CalTech Awards Anderson Dahlen’s Applied Vacuum Division with A+ Upgrade Filter Cavity Vacuum Beamline Fabrication Contract

Photo Blend of LIGO Hanford and Livingston Observatories LIGO Image Credit: LIGO-Virgo Collaboration. Sunset Credit: Getty Images. The Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) is a large-scale physics experiment that was designed and built to detect cosmic gravitational waves. Construction of the two observatories began in the mid-90s with the aim of detecting gravitational waves by […]

75 Years of Manufacturing Stainless-Steel Products in the USA

Made in the USA manufacturing and fabrication has never been more important than today. Looking forward, Anderson Dahlen will continue to be a strong and growing manufacturer uniquely positioned to deliver on critical stainless-steel fabrication projects. During the COVID-19 crisis with urgent requirements supporting essential business. And later to resource requirements presently being done offshore. […]

Anderson Dahlen Presented TWO Awards For Outstanding Safety

Congratulations to the teams at Anderson Dahlens main manufacturing facility in Ramsey, MN and the Applied Vacuum Division in Waconia MN, for being recognized with a 2019 Minnesota Outstanding Award in Occupational Safety. Separate awards for each facility were announced on April 1 by the Minnesota Safety Council, a chapter of the National Safety Council. […]

Working to Mitigate the COVID-19 Disruption in Manufacturing

Manufacturing companies in the USA, including Anderson Dahlen, are adapting quickly to the COVID-19 impacts on our daily activities. A key challenge for a manufacturing company is maintaining production and allowing employees to keep working, while also meeting CDC recommendations on Social Distancing. Anderson Dahlen is responding with decisive and intentional plans to manage production […]

Welcome Our New Operations Manager Jon Nordrum

Meet our new Operations Manager for our Applied Vacuum Division, Jon Nordrum Jon is a proven leader in manufacturing and plant and operations management. With over 20 years working his way up to senior management positions with a larger manufacturing company, he brings a wealth of expertise to his new position as Operations Manager for […]