Emerging Leaders Program: Q&A with Members of the Anderson Dahlen Team

Anderson Dahlen recently partnered with Horizon Leadership to launch Emerging Leaders Training, a program that promotes development and career growth opportunities while also providing strategies and practical tools needed to become better leaders. 33 members of the ADI team have completed the training so far. We spoke with two members of our team about their experience with the program.

Give a quick summary of what the Emerging Leaders program is. 

Josh Collins, Associate Project Manager – “To me, this program is a great stepping stone into a thought process helping me be successful in setting goals, both personal and professional, by changing how I look at things. You don’t have to know every answer at the beginning, you just have to be able to work through the problem with people and use what you learned to help yourself and others.” 

Melissa Tischler, HR Business Partner I – “The Emerging Leaders Program is six online modules that you complete at your own pace.  The courses are about 25 minutes in length, so not a lot of time to commit to an opportunity to learn and put yourself on a leadership track/mindset.”

What was a key takeaway from the Emerging Leaders program?

Melissa Tischler – “That I already had the base foundation and the courses helped fine-tune them and build back the confidence to strive for more.”

Josh Collins – “Some leaders are born, and some leaders are made, and the only person who can keep you from becoming the leader you can be is yourself.” 

What did you enjoy the most about participating in Emerging Leaders?

Josh Collins – “I really enjoyed the videos. It was a very diverse selection of people from different walks of life. It really just shows that anyone can be a leader.” 

Melissa Tischler – “Knowing that not only do I believe in myself, but my manager and the company have a vested interest in growing my talents and eventually moving into a leadership position.”

Describe your position at ADI – what do you do day to day?

Melissa Tischler – “My job title is Human Resources Business Partner I. My main day-to-day is recruiting, interviewing, and finding ideal candidates to join our organization. I am also a back-up to payroll, and other HR Functions.”

Josh Collins – “I am an associate project manager in the industrial group. I manage small parts as they are ordered and needed by our customers. This work is important to the company as it helps to fill in the gaps of the larger work we do in our schedule. Really it keeps the lights on and everyone working in between the bigger jobs.” 

What is your favorite part of your job?

Melissa Tischler – “For me, I was in HR in healthcare for most of my career, so coming here and learning all the different jobs and equipment was both scary and exciting. I love when I have an opportunity to go walk out on the shop floor and talk with the hiring managers, and they can show me what the candidate I’m looking for will be doing here. I’m a very visual person, so to be able to see the product from start to finish is amazing to me. It makes it easy to sell the position and the company when I know and understand the position and the company.”

Josh Collins – “I enjoy problem solving. When there is a problem that comes up during a project, I enjoy working with the team to figure out how it happened as well as how to fix it. I like to put plans in place so this problem doesn’t happen again. Then on to the next problem to do the same, everyone learns, and everyone grows. Just an all-around win.” 

In one word or phrase, how would you describe ADI?

Josh Collins – “Family, no matter what problem we face it always come out good in the end from everyone working towards a common goal.”

Melissa Tischler – “Ever Evolving”

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