Food Processing Equipment Market Expected to Boom

In a time when many industries are pumping the brakes on production, many expect that OEM manufacturing will grow significantly due to consumer demand and a variety of other factors. This is even more true for the food processing equipment market.

Transparency Market Research recently published an article that noted the market for food processing equipment was forecasted to grow an estimated 5% to reach a value of $80 billion in 2027. Other reports indicate the sector could grow to over 6% by 2028. So, it’s an exciting time to be part of an industry gearing up to grow and do well in the foreseeable future.

What does this mean for you? Read on to learn more about what it means to have an industry-leading manufacturer of food processing equipment right here in Minnesota at a time when good news about the economy seems increasingly rare.

Can We Handle the Growth?

To meet the demands of the industry, we need to hire more skilled workers, and Anderson Dahlen is serious about hiring. We know that you can only talk about how great a career in manufacturing is for so long. So, we’ve taken steps to make our company an in-demand employer with our commitments to:

Every year, over 100,000 people move to Minnesota, and we are working hard to attract the most skilled workers to join us and get started on a rich and rewarding career. So, our plan to meet the future demand begins from the ground up with our skilled team and by proactively addressing the obstacles we know may affect our industry (see below).

Engineering a Path Through Uncertainty

In manufacturing, there are many knowns and unknowns. For example, we know that manufacturing will face disruptions in supply, shipping, or other sectors adjacent to ours that could carry a heavy toll every four years. However, there are also unknowns, such as political turmoil overseas or a sudden, unexpected spike in the cost of raw goods.

But where there are challenges, there are opportunities. And if there’s one thing that we’re good at, it’s engineering. Depending on your perspective and your team’s technical capabilities, there’s almost no hurdle that can’t be overcome.

So, while we’re pleased the outlook for the food processing equipment market is so sunny, we are also prepped and ready to tackle a variety of challenges and turn them into opportunities.

The Food Processing Equipment You Imagine, We Can Build

One of the most exciting experiences about projects the size and scope of our food processing equipment is how many disparate elements come together to make a singular piece of equipment that operates as one unit. From engineering and welding to our customer’s input and perspective to contributions from our CNC operators, almost every department in ADI has a hand in bringing these projects to life.

Whatever our customers in the food processing industry can imagine in their facilities, we can build it. And we always find ways to improve it, whether in the designs or fabrication.

It isn’t easy to describe the feeling when equipment like this leaves our shop floor and travels to its destination, sometimes across the nation. It could be the feeling of accomplishment, of teamwork that came together to build something bigger than ourselves. Whatever it is, it’s part of what makes this work so thrilling. And with the upcoming growth in the market for food processing equipment, the future is looking bright.

Get a Leg Up in a Growing Industry

We’ve said it before; there’s no place to work like in the manufacturing sector. And there’s no place in manufacturing like Anderson Dahlen.

We’d like to hear from you. What are your career goals? And how can we help you become a part of a strong and growing industry? Contact us today.

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