OEM Contract and Custom Manufacturing for Stainless Steel Products & Process Equipment

Superb quality and high value are always delivered by Anderson Dahlen

Whether its for our OEM contract manufacturing customers in a long term relationship or for a highly engineered custom manufacturing project that is a one-off design. If you need large stainless steel parts, integration of complex system, high pressure, high vacuum or quality that will stand the test of time, then Anderson Dahlen can partner to solve your problems.

Our workforce is experienced, highly qualified, and never feels the ups and downs of many production manufacturing lines. Our custom work fills in if a long term OEM manufacturing run ends and we are diverse across so many industries that economic changes dont have much effect. Our capital investment (so you dont have to) are second to none for our size company. Our growth in OEM contract manufacturing is a testament to our sustained ability to deliver high quality products at a fair price with truly excellent customer service.