Focus on Jobs: Material Handler

Material handlers are often entry-level personnel in manufacturing and for many, the beginning of a long and rewarding career in the skilled trades. They are especially crucial to the manufacturing industry since theirs is one of the few roles that touches almost every stage of the manufacturing process.

This blog is the newest installment in our “focus on jobs” series, highlighting one of the most important roles on our shop floor and what it’s like to be a material handler at Anderson Dahlen.

Read on to know more about material handling roles at Anderson Dahlen.

What Do Material Handlers Do at Anderson Dahlen?

From the Material Handler job description on our careers page, material handlers professionally coordinate and participate in the daily work of the material coordinators in the inventory warehouse, including:

  • Shipping and receiving
  • Picking of parts for jobs and work orders
  • Organizing stock room inventory in compliance with our ISO 9000 quality system certification
  • Accuracy checking and documenting on-hand inventory data

On a day-to-day basis, material handlers may be responsible for various tasks. These could range from managing and supervising the inventory transaction processes to ensuring inventory accuracy and timeliness, managing daily cycle counts, and shipping and receiving duties.

Being a material handler can also be a highly physical job, sometimes requiring kneeling, squatting, plus lifting and carrying objects.

Why Material Handlers Are So Critical to the Manufacturing Industry

Material handlers help us keep our shop floor clean, organized, and fully stocked with raw materials. Perhaps in no other industry are the set-up and smooth operation of a company-wide production system more significant than in manufacturing.

Our shop floor’s efficiency and productivity heavily depend on the successful flow, organization, and calculation of our raw materials.

Without material handlers, the rate of production on our shop floor couldn’t function at nearly the high standard set by Anderson Dahlen. Indeed, some manufacturing processes could grind to a halt altogether. Some studies have even shown that a disruption in the flow of raw materials can cost more than 30% of an organization’s revenue.

Because material handlers work in tandem with every department on our shop floor, from our welders to our CNC operators, it makes an ideal place to start a long and rewarding career in manufacturing.

A Great Way to Begin Your Career in Manufacturing

Aside from the technical aspects and day-to-day responsibilities of the work, there are less-tangible benefits that make being a material handler at Anderson Dahlen one of the best jobs in the Midwest.

For starters, there are openings for virtually any level of education and experience. So, your ability to land a role and excel in the position is often only limited by your enthusiasm and ability to complete tasks to a high standard. Material handling is often defined as work that is “recession-proof.” That is because, no matter the current state of world affairs, there will always be a need for supply to meet demand, and material handlers sit squarely in between the two.

Further, because material handlers work with all departments on our shop floor, you’ll have first-hand experience with several higher career paths in manufacturing. If you’re considering a long and rewarding career in the skilled trades, you can take a much more informed pick from any number of professions.

Manufacturing is one of the few remaining industries that still actively train lower-level workers to advance them into higher-level positions that can’t be accessed in any other way than with hands-on, on-the-job training and apprenticeships.

Begin Your Career in Manufacturing at Anderson Dahlen

Anderson Dahlen is one of the foremost manufacturers of stainless-steel equipment for the food manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and high-pressure vacuum industries. As a material handler on our shop floor, you’ll kick off your career in the skilled trades with a leg-up in the industry.

Not only do we offer some of the most progressive and comprehensive compensation packages in the industry, but we love what we do. We take pride in our work and inspiration in our equipment’s level of craftsmanship and excellence.

If you’re interested in joining a company that values its team members, where your hard work and dedication can take you places, apply at Anderson Dahlen today.

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